Saturday, March 02, 2019

Cappy Goes Nuclear

There are three ways to get me from zero to nuclear in a nanosecond:

1.  Ask me "How do I get da gurlz?"
2.  Get in between me and my work.
3.  Ask me "what should I do for a business idea?"


Anonymous said...

You are approaching this from the wrong perspective. Tell them to go start some stupid phone case drop shipping website, then advertise by starting a daily podcast and yet another news aggregator nobody wants. People who ask for magic business ideas to be handed to them need to learn the hard way.

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Unknown said...

Hiw is it insulting to Cappy? Dudes just a limp

Mr. M said...

What should i do to start my own business that also gets the girls... utilizing my degree in sociology? It would be sweet if you told me for free cuz my student loans are way past due... thanks in advance, Mr. Man Bun

Unknown said...

Congratulations to this thrifty dude who manages to support a family on $32K per year, while paying off loans and saving money! Obviously his wife did not have substantial loans.

Forget about opening a business or side-hustle. Build and leverage your software skills to get a higher paying job.

Jennifer said...

Why do you hate women so much?