Sunday, March 31, 2019

Cops or It Didn't Happen

A year later THEN she decides to accuse him of rape.

Keep crying wolf ladies.  Soon nobody is going to believe any woman ever again, including the true victims of rape.

Oh, and boys, remember, if you want to protect yourself against false accusations of rape, this is a mandatory short read.


Anonymous said...

They should have 48 hours to report after first availability. A minute later and either it's a complete lie or the non-reporting constitutes consent.

Un Americano said...

Lawyer Roland Riopelle said the claim against the player was part of an extortion attempt that is being investigated by the FBI.

Always follow the money.

heresolong said...

Plus we need to constantly remember how VP Pence was mocked for the "Pence Rule". No unaccompanied dinners, meetings, or work sessions with women.