Friday, May 16, 2014

Dear Class of 2014

Graduation for all the high school kiddies is coming up and consequently I'm starting a new advertising campaign for "Worthless."  Obviously I intend on profiting from this, but I want to get as many copies of Worthless into the hands of high school graduates as possible as it is BEFORE they attend college that the book can do the most good.

Naturally, those of you who wanted to purchase Worthless already have, but if you would be so kind to forward this on social media or refer Worthless to a young upcoming graduate I (and their future 30 something selves) would greatly appreciate it.


Kristophr said...

Liberal arts should not be a college subject anyway.

We should be teaching the Trivium and the Quadrivium to grade-schoolers, along with marksmanship, and making this a basic requirement for even entering college.

leeholsen said...

"Worthless" should actually be required reading for anyone looking to pay for their living today.
Given that business owners have had enough regulation and taxes from its governments and complaints by employees for not being treated as royalty just because they were given a job, jobs will continue to go to places were it can be done for a dollar a day and have the product shipped back here or automated, this trend will not be reversed ever.
the best way anyone can increase their chances of not being replaced are to follow the advice of this book.

beta_plus said...

You forgot to pitch the audio book, which is really good. It's how I "read" worthless. Aurini really does have an stunning voice.