Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Study Finds No Degree is Better Than a Liberal Arts Degree


Hmmm...let me see...

Hire some kid with attitude, lip, and some worthless degree that makes them think they're smarter than they actually are AND with leftist indoctrination about privilege, entitlement, going green, etc.,


hire a kid right out of high school

hmmm....that's a tough one.

Remember June is Worthless Degree Awareness Month where we try to get as many copies of Worthless into young graduate's hands. 


Rumbear said...

"....we try to get as many copies of Worthless into young graduate's hands."

For the chillern!

luvvie said...

Could try acting.
Oh wait ...

Unknown said...

Pareto was right with his 80/20 law: 80 percent of people in college shouldn't be there.

Russell said...

I just graduated with my Nuclear Engineering degree - and of the 50 students I graduate in the field with, I'm one of about 6 that got a job (might note 4 of us had lots of work experience that helped more than the degree).

I'm astounded by all of my high school friends (most homeschooled, intelligent people) who think their lib arts and other worthless degrees will get them anywhere. I can't help but scoff at them every time I think of it. What is really sad is when the philosophy bachelor tries to act like she's really smart with me....and then is amazed I know as much about her major as she does.

Anonymous said...

Spot on assessment. Here's why, the old time Liberal Arts degree actually meant something, but that was 50 years ago. Since then however, the Humanities departments have been hijacked by Marxists, feminazis and assorted lunatics. They ruined it.

Thing is, you aren't learning squat, you're getting agit-prop and slogans disguised as facts. Logic, reason, a pursuit of truth are gone.

Want to learn the classics? Read them on your own. You'll be better off and it will be much more pleasant.

And as Cappy says, employers are better off hiring a kid who just graduated HS over the dolt who spent $30k or more on a useless degree taught by hacks.

Now the kid with the HS diploma isn't much better, 12 years in a institution that really doesn't teach much of anything and doesn't prepare the students for anything, means the employer is starting from scratch. But you work with what you got.

Anthony said...

"Hunting for a job can be incredibly hard and ego-crushing, so it may even help to enroll in an acting class. Because that’s what you need to do: Act like this is the job that you want more than anything in the world and communicate that you will do anything it takes to succeed. Humanities majors can do that as well as anyone."

Fuck that. Self-employment please!

Anonymous said...

Cappy, did you read the article? Direct quote,

"it may be wiser to get no college degree at all than to spend four years and hundreds of thousands of dollars earning a humanities B.A."

Better to go without than spend HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS getting a bachelors? No shit! For hundreds of thousands of dollars, you could buy a property for renting and start getting passive income. Hell, you could probably make like Ben Affleck and become a professional blackjack player.

But degrees can be had way, way cheaper than that. Local community college I attended for two years is $3,600 a year, and I got enough financial aid I was literally getting paid decently to attend.

Luke Setzer said...

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