Monday, May 12, 2014

Proof of the Alaskan Trip

A very studious lieutenant pointed out that while I had many pictures of the Canadian Rockies, I had none of the proof that I did indeed make it to Alaska.

Duly noted, young observant lieutenant.  Duly noted.

Now go have a warm, inviting cup of STFU doubting lieutenant!


David M said...

Did you get "Hyderized"?

Glen Filthie said...

Photoshop! Doesn't count!!!


Sorry Cap - couldn't resist!

Captain Capitalism said...

I did indeed.

Anonymous said...

Lol Hyder is barely Alaska.

Awesome place I visited there a few years ago. If you follow the road through Hyder it will give some truly amazing views of a glacier. In fact if you follow the road to the old mine at the end you can even touch a glacier unless it has melted away by now.

Add in the Grizzlies and the salmon run and it is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. I would love to visit there again


Kristophr said...

Hyder: Where you go to instead of Alaska.

( sorry, couldn't resist. At least you didn't make it to Whittier. There is nothing shittier than a day in Whittier ... )

Anonymous said...

As I recall, you already posted this photo about 6 months ago or so when you were on a motorcycle tour.

There is a road that runs across Canada that was built during WW2 to link Alaska to the rest of the USA to help resupply and defend Alaska in case of Japanese invasion.

I think it's literally called the Alaska Highway. This road is an important part of history.

Is that the road you biked through ?

-- Mr. Asswipe out