Wednesday, May 07, 2014

New Blogroll Addition - Law of Markets

Law of Markets is the newest lieutenant in the Cappy Cap blog roll.

Though he does not seem to agree with me on the Smith and Wesson Retirement plan, no matter how unavoidable it's going to be.

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Aeroguy said...

A boomer defending boomers, I can get "not all boomers are like that" but he whined about how bad boomers had it and ignored their considerable contribution to the leftist slide. My generation is only so liberal because of how "diverse" it is thanks to importing diversity (to be fair my generation does fucking suck but I'm going to invoke not all millennials are like that). Mind you even the captain ignores the GI generation's contribution to the leftist slide. I'm not saying all the boomers need to be euthanized in their old age, just that euthanasia should be their only government subsidized health care option. They can pay for their own care with their own money. Nor should they be surprised when they're informed social security is a tax, has been a tax, has never been anything but a tax, and is not their retirement plan, only an idiot boomer can claim to not have seen that one coming.