Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Law School and MBA Bubbles

Explaining to the young kiddies out there why they should SERIOUSLY reconsider MBA's or law school as their next career step.

(plus my world famous "Harvard MBA" impersonation starts around the 5:45 mark)


Anonymous said...

As someone who graduated business school in 2011, I just thought I'd throw this out there.

The generic marketing and management MBAs are pretty worthless UNLESS, and this is a big unless, you are extremely fortunate enough to already be working for someone who wants you to have that degree to the point they will pay you in some way to get it.

What I would do, personally, and what I did, is don't get an MBA. Get a Master's of Professional Accountancy or a degree in public administration or something that's specific, that teaches you a specific skill people want to hire other people to do.

The funny thing is, these degrees are often pretty similar to an MBA in that they cover some core concepts like (very) basic economics and (very) basic finance, etc. but the challenging courses really go into technical details of specialized subjects that are worth something.

Also, I only went to business school because I figured out a way to do it and not have any debt or loans. It really sucked, I worked graveyard shifts and ate ramen and peanut butter for years. I won't like it nearly drove me insane.

But in that situation, the worst possible outcome is you lose the years of your life you spent in college.

Anonymous said...

Inside the law school scam.

vurana miles said...

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