Friday, May 02, 2014

The Sickness that is Coming

One of the more important epiphanies I had was that age doesn't matter when it comes to leadership and capabilities.  Sure, you would think older people are wiser, but as I've aged I realized that in fact, no, they're just older.  They are just as dumb and incompetent as people half their age.

While it took some daring and bravado to make this epiphany when I was 30, it is only reinforced as it is now my generation that is approaching 40 and will be viewed by today's 20 somethings as the "wise elders who have their act together."  The modern day 20 something does not know what I know and does not see what I see in my 4 decades old peers - that they're the same idiots and morons they were back in the 90's when they were in their 20's.  They did not mature, they just got older, and really have no clue what they're doing.

But if we were to extrapolate this trend, one where generations don't mature, never grow up, and never change, just merely get older, the country is in for a world of hurt.  For while I can't believe people in my generation are heading up companies, working their way up the corporate ladders, or are educators and teachers in our schools, what's coming down the pipe is scary - a mentally infected or diseased generation.

When I say "infected" or "diseased" I mean I look at the kids today, especially of college age, and realize they have a genuine mental condition.  We can all laugh and mock them citing examples of entitlement, weakness, and idiocy, highlighting stories where they demand free education or have their parents attend a job interview with them or Pajama Boy's latest antics, but these are merely the symptoms of a much larger and threatening sickness.  One where nearly an entire generation is incapable of understanding other people's rights, freedom, and property.

If you look at college students and 20 somethings today an unacceptable number of them lack the mental ability to respect the rights and freedoms of others.  There was the student journalist that wanted to ban conservative opinions on campus (I forget the name and the school).  There was Donglegate where Adria Richards thought it was her domain to get two guys fired, which is only one of the increasing instances of Mozillaing.  And there's more than one instance where some idiot adult child will claim we need to ban conservative talk radio.

This trend, however, is not so scary because of what these people are doing, but because they are unconsciously doing it.  They are unconscious of what they are saying.  And they are unable to fully and thoroughly think through the consequences of advocating such things.  What's worse, however, is the disease is further complicated and entrenched in the minds of young people by a historic amount of brainwashing and pampering.  Be it the trillions of dollars in debt accrued to prevent said people from paying the full price of their socialist utopia, the 20 years of brainwashing they received from K-college, or society and their parents bending over backwards to kiss their asses, all of this shields these kids from the harsh and necessary realities of life.  This not only results in adults who are incapable of supporting themselves, completely clueless about how the real world economy works, but worse it convinces them they are entitled to everything in life.  This lays the ground work for what is arguably the most despicable aspect of this mental condition - victimhood.

From the ever increasing categories of "privilege" to the left's desire to separate and define people by their skin color, an entire generation has been trained to take traits they were born, fool themselves into thinking they are oppressed because of it, and demand other people slave away for them.  This is not only cowardly and hypocritical, but it also attaches an emotional element to the disease where they take personal affront to any attempts of constructive criticism or insistence of self-supportation and production.  In short, it renders the host with this disease immune to any attempts to cure them.

You combine this altogether and what you have is a group of people who:

1.  Are not able to support themselves
2.  Lack the mental ability to understand the sovereignty and freedom of other people and
3.  Therefore lack the ability to protect freedom while voting
4.  Are trained to find insult in everything and view themselves only as a victim
5.  Are not capable of logical and intellectually honest thought
6.  Who are instead ruled by emotions and self-pity
7.  and are therefore uncurable and beyond reason.

Add to that, that generations really never grow up, just get old, and you can see why this sickness is such a threat.

People infected with this disease will act and vote in a way that will destroy the liberty and freedom Western Civilization spent the last 2,500 years trying to build.  You may say, "well, that's why we have the Constitution.  That's why we have the courts" or "that'll never happen."  But what if these people were to become the justices?  What if they were to become the politicians and leaders of this country?  A piece of paper or the foresight of our founding fathers to have the division of powers cannot stop an entire population that is mentally sick and impaired.  And instances such as Brendan Eich and Dartmouth caving to the demands of a sick person, already shows you the lack of US institutions to stop and fight this sickness.

What will "end" this sickness, however, will be an economic collapse wherein there is no more government money to keep these people supported in their current environment.  Life-long college students come professors will no longer have a university to go and teach at.  The various "professional activists" will have to worry about clean water instead of saving the whales. And professional victims will have more pressing matters like starvation than finding fake umbrage at a Cinco De Mayo fundraiser.  Unfortunately, such a collapse can be staved off a long time with the fed's constant printing of money and the US' relative position of being the "least sucky economy" in the world, and this will continue to provide the environment these diseased people thrive in.  Ergo, not only are they not going away, they're going to increase as the 20 somethings of today become the 40 somethings of tomorrow and by default infiltrate our various institutions.

There's not much to do but what we're doing now.  Pointing it out and trying to bring shame to these people.  Alas, their brainwashing is so complete, their sense of victimhood so engrained, and their sense of entitlement so strong, it is doubtful anything will ever get through to these liberal zombies.

Enjoy the decline.


Anonymous said...

OT: Here is another man and boy bashing nugget...these people only keep making problems worse by perpetuating misinformation and entrenching stereotypes(the very point feministas keep accusing us of)...the comments section is just awesome here...

Maximo Macaroni said...

Have you reached the point yet of concluding that democracy is a non-starter, ala Mencius Moldbug? Do I have to remind you that even illiterates and women and the mentally ill, in our present paradigm, are allowed to vote?

sth_txs said...

I've interacted with the worthless Baby Boomers on LinkedIN in the environmental area. It is amazing how many of these bastards are presidents of companies or make good salaries and depending upon the topic, come across as Bolsheviks of the worst sort. Frightening to think how their children were taught if they had any.

Anonymous said...

remarkable captain! You observed the rotten spot, the cancer. And the more I read, the more I agree with past expressed views about these communist parasites.

Talking about women is not universal, as some women in this word, are somehow better, than others, (and some even have a hard time because of men in remote places.) I only notice it when I return to home country; But when I go back to western countries, I can agree with you all the way.

Anonymous said...

Please don't approve my previous comment if it reveals my email address (if its not anonymous)

Kristophr said...

Education fail.

As long as students are not taught the Triumvir ( the three skills that a real man needs, grammar, logic, and rhetoric ), they will continue to be slaves of those who are taught these skills.

They cannot dissect other peoples' rhetoric, they cannot engage logic to analyze it, and they cannot respond with better rhetoric of their own.


The most important part is making that cortico-thalamic pause, and engaging your left brain before you respond. They do not have the tools to do this.

Kristophr said...

Maximo Macaroni:

The 15 Amendment is a non-starter.

Giving the franchise to every warm body with a pulse was the beginning of the end.

Aeroguy said...

While I see a collapse in the next two years as very unlikely, projecting them keeping the party going for another 20 also seems very unlikely to me. I anticipate shtf in 5 to 10 years. Are you betting on a persistent oil dollar through naked military imperialism, as opposed to our present concealed version? If that's the case it will be a military shtf as opposed to an economic shtf. Personally I don't think the propagandists will be able to muster the support needed for naked militarism short of a massive red flag. So maybe, CIA has the will but not sure if they have the competence.

Anonymous said...

I'm not worried one bit. The forefathers knew that man was a flawed creature and so they enshrined in the constitution the worlds greatest insurance policy called: The Second Amendment. These limp-wristed cowardly zombies don't even have the guts to defend their own retarded arguments. They run run run at the mere sight of a challenger. And sooner or later the adults in the room will have had enough of their childish tantrums that the ass-whooping they will receive will felt by their great-great-great-grandkids. If push does come to shove, I know where I'm placing my bets.

Anonymous said...

Brian Tracy !!!
Look it up !!!

Jay Currie said...

Perhaps. But, as a general rule the proles tend to be unappealing in every generation. And, of course, while they will vote themselves ever greater entitlements, the .01 percent of society which makes stuff happen, advances science and technology, reshapes medicine and re-invents economic society will developed work around to avoid the dummies and their political panderers.

The way you beat regulation is to invent things the regulators don't actually understand. You-Tube was initially seem as a threat to TV but it turns out to be a bigger threat to radio and iTunes. Smart phones destroy landlines and desktops, and they make a mockery of everything from "corporate security" to private conversations with one's mistress to the BLM's SWAT teams.

Learning has broken free of the schools and universities. 12 year olds command 3-D printers. Bloggers beat the dolts from J-school.

Smart people, of whatever age avoid government, big schools, any company big enough to have an HR department and, for the most part, places which have procedures manuals.

"Small, intelligent mobile units" have and will own the future.

Just some guy said...

Whenever the topic of the economy comes up I feel like William Shatner in Nightmare at 20,000 feet.

Anonymous said...

I don't worry about them at all, they're wimps and freaks - end products of a dysfunctional education system. They exist only because of the welfare system to a large degree. Should it fail they either have to man up or perish.

It would be different if they were like British football hooligans but most are gelded pill popping, slogan spouting dweebs built like 60's hippies.

No threat, if push comes to shove they become a food source for my dog.

Brett_McS said...

These people are rabbits in a field of infinite grass. Fortunately they don't breed so much.

Anonymous said...

I'd say a better idea is to actively profit and exploit these people. The CEO of Lululemon is an Objectivist and knows these people are retarded so he makes a company that economically exploits them.

Sell books about becoming a social justice activist. Hold overpriced courses about how to fight Western civilization.

Exploit these people. Make money off them. They're suckers.

Aeroguy said...


Tell that to would be drone entrepreneurs. The internet is useful to science and spying/intelligence but outside of that it's a distraction powerful enough to keep the rowdiest mobs placated. 12 yearolds don't have access to metal powder laser sintering, they can make plastic toys of an inferior quality to Chinese manufactured happy meal toys.

Drones have been around for more than a few decades, hobbyists prefer to call them RC Airplanes or just toys for short. It wasn't until they proved themselves useful beyond being toys that the FAA moved to crush it underfoot. Their lack of understanding doesn't stop the ban hammer.

The internet is allowed to be unregulated because it suits the PTB purposes better, a free and open internet is an even better distraction than our free and open elections. Truth only wins when lies have to stand still, when decisions are made quickly and information is shifting marketing propaganda beats the truth every time because the truth moves very slow. Slow and steady wins the race? If that were true we wouldn't have team red and blue winning every race.

If I wanted to be a drone entrepreneur I would first have to get a fat loan from the bankers who wouldn't understand what I'm doing and potentially reject any application due only to ignorance. My only legal business model would be attracting attention to myself such that money like Elon Musk buys me out. The illegal option would be making armed drones for the mexican drug cartels, sorry but I don't want to be the Walter White of aeronautical engineering.

I'm literally writing the procedures for how to write the project level procedures (which I'm also writing for a project that I'll also be doing) in accordance to the rules set by international committee which were all decided on in the worst kind of meetings I've had the misfortune of once listening in on. We do this because the FAA recognizes this international committee and makes it's standards their standards, thus in a long roundabout way allowing industry to police itself.

I am my own middle management, my boss's boss's boss is the CEO and my department is in a happy shire where the gaze of S̶a̶u̶r̶o̶n̶ HR doesn't linger. I'm happily building up tangible assets in anticipation of SHTF while enjoying the decline rather than joining my friends in startup land on the left coast where they do long hours in exchange for bottle service and hopes of large amounts of fiat money.

I greatly admire the parts of the manosphere that employ themselves by writing to the under served middle brow market. Also writing isn't STEM. I'm on the mechanical side of the engineering house where we don't list patents with our name (EE and software are the only practical paths to self employment, assuming get bought out by big money counts as self employment, to me it's just a higher rung on the wider corporate ladder of the corporate system), rather we are the last of the artisans and the bigger the canvas the bigger our sponsor must be. For Scientists it is just as bad, unless they inherited many millions they must choose between corporate research and university research (both suck for different reasons and neither one allows the researcher the freedom of choosing their own research). Sorry but being a research startup falls under the corporate research umbrella and it's only viable business plan is to again, gain attention and be bought out by big money.

I'm sorry but I have to disagree, the smart mobile units are largely illusory (perhaps they could exist in the future but the infrastructure doesn't yet exist to support it), one does not simply exit the system. I'm a firm advocate of exit since I'm convinced reform is impossible, but the groundwork, the infrastructure for real exit to exist, is still in the planning and design phase with only limited prototypes of segments (like bitcoin).

JS Mill said...

That which cannot endure won't. These same observations you make are the same that lead me to believe that the final collapse will be rather more drastic.

I'd like to say that I believe that its merely the most visible people that have utterly failed to grasp basic fundamentals of life in general, but I have a friend, a decade and a half younger than I am that perfectly illustrates most of what is wrong with society today, so I am all to aware of how wide spread the rot goes.

Ultimately, they have simply not been tested. We allow them, encourage them, to continue on like overgrown children, so they do.

When the Test comes, it will be enlightening to see how many fail. The Real World is savage and cruel and hard, and doesn't respond to whining at all.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I like to speak in authoritative tones, myself, about things I know and even things I don't know. No matter, history may repeat itself, but never when we expect it to, nor at our bidding. It will look entirely unlike what we expect.

It all may be crashing down just around the corner. Prospects certainly point to it. But history has changed with little more than a bullet. We never know.