Saturday, May 03, 2014

"Tee Hee! I Like to Travel!"

Ranked amongst "My children are the MOST AMAZING CHILDREN" claim

girls claiming they "like to travel" is the most peeving of my pet peeves.


Anonymous said...

American women - the young ones and the middle-aged ones - travel in hives for booze and sex. Can you say, "Amanda Knox?" She was at least explicit in saying that a principal objective of her trip to Italy was sex. Oh yes - and a program of self-directed study at a great American "university." Meredith Kercher, who did not survive the encounter, seems on the other hand to have been a genuine student, following a realistic study program.

I have met American women my age (70) and older for whom I have (or had, for those deceased) a great deal of respect. For the younger ones. piss on them.

Wilko said...

It's obnoxiously trite, but a passport is not a substitute for a personality.

So what do you like so much about travel? "Oh you know, experiencing other cultures, it really makes you appreciate what you have."


You mean that secular Western democracies with free(er) market economies are generally preferable to third world kleptocracies? Who knew?! Well that was definitely worth the $5-10K.

Don't get me started on the food safaris and/or orphan hugging. I mean really, REALLY? I can get first-class Ethiopian food down the road without the up-front cost of an airfare. And if you're so hell-bent on "helping" people, I'm sure you find someone in need locally.

Or perhaps you're insinuating that the impoverished brown peoples of the world are incapable of self-improvement without the assistance (interference) of middle-class white chicks?

Ugh, it churns my stomach.

I have more respect for Australians who to travel to Bali and get obnoxiously drunk - at least they're under no illusions about the significance of what they're doing.

Wilko said...

Camino de Santiago.

Aurora Borealis.

If you're not already sick of hearing about them both, you will be soon.

I guarantee it.