Saturday, May 10, 2014

When a Conservative Girl Dates a Liberal Boy

Hilarity ensues.

Ahhhh!!!! Warm fuzzies!!!!!


Torgo said...

That was very selfish of that male to spend money on a date instead of giving it to "the less fortunate." Shame, shame, shame!

And it was very judgmental of him to criticize her like that!

Anonymous said...

Eh, political beliefs aside, she sounds rather entitled. Strong independent woman no doubt. Dudes problem is not just with politics. A first "date" dinner of lobster? Idiot. NiceGuy. Libtard. For sure.

And she's Just one more self-satisfied chick, belly full of a man's money, lamenting about some unrealized magnificence of hers. Bore.

They both suck.

Atham Aldecua said...

Hahaha, thanks for posting, it made my day.

Anonymous said...

I like it, libdude goes over board and orders Lobster, wow, this guy is really trying to impress the first time out, that's a bad sign, means he's desperate and lacks confidence.

He's also not smart enough to change the subject to at least make the dinner a pleasant experience, another stupid move.

Three, he takes politics personally which guarantees he'll just make himself mad.

He just can't understand that people have differing opinions on subjects than his and cannot adopt a live and let live tolerance of those whom he disagrees with. Because in liberalism there is no tolerance when it comes to a diversity of opinion that differs from liberal orthodoxy.

Max said...

Actually I found her responding the way I would believe most at rok would respond. That's why she is on return of Queens. Actually I didn't find her too negative. She seemed to be quite friendly in the beginning and only seemed to be pushed back due to his interest to see more naked skin and his fanatic attitude towards politics.