Sunday, May 18, 2014

So Glad I'm Never Going Back to Corporate America

The further and further removed I become through time from working in corporate America, the more appreciative I will never have to tolerate this psychological torture ever again.


Ken said...

Hey Captain,

Am reading for first time "Bachelor Pad Economics". Powerful stuff.

Just wanted to ask if you think with the decline of the US Economy (and other Western countries) that 'location independent' entrepreneurs may lose out on their businesses, given that it is highly reliant on geo-arbitrage?

I have yet to read your other piece "Enjoy the Decline" but I'll soon jump to that.

Am a new fan.

Cheers, Ken.

Slobodan Blazeski said...

There is obviously cultural mismatch between one writing the post and the culture of Target.

From the description Target seems to have clan(family) based culture. Those firms value collaboration and compete on customer intimacy or on high end differentiation.
The complainer is market (compete) culture type which is completely opposite. Market culture wants results and don't mind slitting few throats along the way.

Market types fire clan types first when things go down the tubes. On the other hand clan types hire the market types last when economy goes up.

See those videos for descriptions and a great laugh:

Clan culture (Target)
Market culture
Innovation culture
Control culture

Anonymous said...

Target may not be a good place to work, but if the main reason is their resistance to unionization then I say to hell with the unhappy employees wanting that environment. Unions are shit and should all be dissolved, because they corrupted their need long ago. Christ, I've never been in a union yet I pay for their extortion bullshit with my taxes. They can fuck off!!

Anthony said...

The message from the Target CMO to all employees, and posted on LinkedIn, said: "The work ahead will unite us like never before because our guest is our bullseye, and our common enemy is apathy and indifference.

If you don’t believe this. If you are not reinvigorated at this very important moment in time. If you are too tired or too cynical for this work, please leave."

Too tired and cynical for corporate bullshit? Sounds like me. Sign me up for self employment.

RobertW said...

OMG - and the comments are priceless, too. I've been into our local Target a handful of times over the years. Call me crazy but I always sensed a sad, dark ambiance hovering in the place like a fog and I couldn't get out of the place quickly enough. Maybe the article explains it. In any case, I've been working for myself for many years, so at least I just have one idiot boss.

Kristophr said...

I loved the comment about writing his future eval on a card ( one point short of the requirement for a raise ), writing "I quit" on the back of it, and sealing it into an envelope.

And then handing it to his manager immediately after being told he missed his promotion eval by exactly one point!

Corporations are ALL like that. Some are just more obvious than others.

Anonymous said...

WHY DOES THIS SOUND SO MUCH LIKE TESCO IN THE UK?! (rhetorical question obviously)

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Gawker is a union shop?

brodie said...

Slightly related:

I recently watched the film Office Space for the first time. Awesome movie. Also I finally understand the Cappy's fondness of Jennifer Aniston, and the reason why millions of heterosexual men watched that terrible sitcom for ten years. She was quite a stunner back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Target is your typical nasty big box stores that treat their workers like garbage.

And why shouldn't they with a +16% unemployment rate, people will do anything to stay employed including take all kinds of abuse.

And if you do get screwed, there is nowhere to turn. The state doesn't care unless you lose a limb or a manager sets you on fire. Even then it's iffy.

Complain to your congresscritter? They are already owned by big money contributors, there is no way in hell any democrat would author legislation to help service industry workers. Appeal to Obama? Well if you're aren't a illegal alien criminal or a Silicon Valley billionaire, then he doesn't care about you.

Personally I'd rather grow pot, licking toads, fake a injury and go on SDI than work for one of those rotten chain stores. I'm serious this modern day sweatshop capitalism is the one of the things driving people away from the conservative movement and destroying the work ethic.

Why work when you can get assraped, mocked, humiliated by some douchenozzle in a suit for a job that has no benefits, and maybe lets you work 25 hours a week at minimum wage?

Scamming the system sure looks a lot more attractive.

Faithless Cynic said...

Target is typical. At my last job, we were required to line up in uniform at 7:00 Fucking AM to be reviewed by our alcoholic, evil, Hitler wannabe manager. If one worker in a crew of 80 made a mistake, everyone was cussed out and threatened with termination. The verbal abuse varied with the size of the manager's hangover.