Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Amazon is BACK Baby!

Hi All,

For those of you who are relatively new readers, I had an Amazon Affiliate program which many people used and incidentally helped support Cappy Cap.  Naturally, as all commie, socialist scum like to do, our governor and trust-fund baby of the Target/Macys/Dayton's empire-extraordinaire, Mark Dayton decided to force Amazon to pay sales tax, which prompted the closing of the affiliate program for all Minnesotans.  This resulted in a loss of significant revenue (but did prompt the birth of Asshole Consulting as a means to compensate for this loss).

However, Amazon has built a facility in Minnesota which allows them to be profitable under the current tax structure, which means the Amazon Affiliate program is BACK!

If you are unaware of how it works, basically, all I ask is that if you're going to buy something on Amazon do it here via Cappy Cap.  By clicking on the Amazon banner ON THIS BLOG you attach a "code" or "ID" to your shopping session.  This code then tells Amazon that your purchases were referenced from the Ole Captain, and the Ole Captain in turn gets a cut/commission.

You do NOT pay higher prices, we are simply keeping (roughly) a 5-7% commission within the Cappysphere.

Anyway, if you were looking for a way to support this blog, but don't like any of the wares offered by our advertisers or sponsors, you can now still support the site AND WITHOUT CHARITY by simply making your Amazon purchases from here.

My many thanks for you yahoos out there who read and support this blog.



Anonymous said...

Would love to see Amazon do something like this in Missouri, which has also been taken off the affiliates list.

Anonymous said...

do you have an link.. i do all my amazonian chopping in canuckistan :P

Nate w said...

You're doing it wrong. When Amazon shut down the affiliate program in my state I simply opened a new account using a family member's address in another state.

Problem solved in 5 minutes or less. How could you not think of that?

Karl said...

This is great news!

I was worried you'd have to move South, but this news makes it possible for you to stay and enjoy anther Minnesota winter! Keep that Commie Obama hat within reach, Comrade!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cappy,

If you can put up an link as well, I will happily make my purchases through it.