Monday, October 27, 2014

Stay Frosty Boys

Stay the freak frosty.


Anonymous said...

Episode 1

Robert What? said...

I'm unclear what's bad about this? Two consenting adults engaging in commerce. PS, I'm not a Sugar Daddy.

Anonymous said...

"stay frosty"

Oh Cap, is that really necessary to say to people in Minneapolis?


But yeah. As usual, cultural degeneration, excesses of modern society. Nothing surprises me, anymore.

leeholsen said...

two can play that game. if you can take her or leave her, she can be a rental to be dropped when the price gets too high(and isnt great where we have gotten to-sarcasm intended).

Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron,

"Fury" was a damned good movie. I went despite your review. Yes, soldiers drink and in war they drink on duty. The men in the "Fury" were nowhere near incapacitated. Yes, the SS hanged people at the end of the war, if they didn't believe they were going to continue fighting. Werner Heisenberg was almost killed by them. Yes, there were very few Tiger tanks at the end, but they were so much better than the Shermans that not all that many were needed. In "Fury" it was 5 to 1. In reality it was 10 to 1.

Yes, there were often half-hour stands, and packets of cigarettes were the common currency.

The detail was excellent. The German heavy machine guns had a much higher rate of fire than the American weapons. The time to change the fusing of each round was a good realistic item.

The viciousness of the SS is well documented. The SS were way badass compared to the regular army. Even the regular army maintained its discipline to the last.

A damned good movie as I said. Not too touchy - feel. They did consult with a real tanker.

Go see it again.

Bob Wallace said...

Lot of money for a whore.

Take The Red Pill said...

This is what happens when some men have more money than sense. A neutral male observer can see the train wreck starting.