Friday, October 31, 2014

Economics Proves Women Do Not Like Sex as Much as Men

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in this episode of The Clarey Podcast. 

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ibogre2010 said...

I can't help but think of
this when I see that picture.

Retrenched said...

When there are as many male prostitutes for women as there are female prostitutes for men, when women ask men out and pay for dates as often as the reverse, when men complain about "date rape" and "sexual assault" as often as women do, and when there are as many female incels as there are male incels, then we can safely say that women like sex as much as men.

But until then... no. All the evidence is pointing the other way.

Saying that "women like sex, just like men like sex" is like saying "chickens like grain, just like horses like grain". They may both like it, but one clearly has a much bigger appetite for it than the other.

Rumbear said...

Ahhhh The White Suit makes an appearance. ;-) Looking good cappy!

Omega Man said...

Which one will be the future Mrs. Cappy Cap?

Anonymous said...

You'r with women TALLER than you. WOW, what an achievement.

'Reality' Doug said...

@Retrenched. Woymns are infinitely hypergamous relativists. They only want the #1 man out of all known men. Could be 1 out of 200 or more. If you were alpha (not that I am), you would understand that, yes, they do want sex as much as men want it, just not with the same variety. Occasionally, you will see all the vag in the room want the one superpenis. I know you've seen that. With liberated wymanz, it only rains when it pours, most men die of dehydration, and civilization falls.

beta_plus said...

For your new book, please buy advertising for it. I'm not saying not to be picky about where you put your ad dollars, but PLEASE spend some. I'm praying there are ways to target young black males for reasonable amounts of money.

evilwhitemalempire said...

Let us be clear that you are saying here that females like sex LESS and not that they just don't like it.

This is an important distinction to make.


How many times is it said that men bring resources to the table while women bring sex as if it's REALLY a fair exchange?

What the traditonalist female wants you to think is that it's fair for you to W. O. R. K. WORK by the sweat of your brow for her in exchange for her 'work' of doing something that she really enjoys very much (just not quite as much as you).

A woman laying on a bed like a dead fish while her 'icky beta male provider ewwww!' pumps her is NOT the same as actual work.

And if the guy's actually not half bad looking then it's definitely not work!

Let us not let them pull the collective wool over our eyes on this.

heresolong said...

A hint as to your costume? I am sort of assuming Miami Vice because of the white suit but not totally sure since I don't watch a lot of TV.