Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Production Paradox

It is becoming a daily, if not an hourly event that I receive an article, a post, or some other such media wherein a crusader or some group of social justice warriors are championing some damaging and self-serving leftist crusade to bolster their egos.  I've delved into this before at great length with my "Crusaderism" seminar, but one aspect of it I would like to expand upon is the "Production Paradox."

Many years ago the young Captain made an observation about his education, career, and work.  While skilled in math, finance, and statistics, he also very much enjoyed working at the police department where he was a wee little campus security guard.  He entertained thoughts of becoming a police officer, but beside that temptation he noticed the choice between going into banking versus becoming a cop was essentially a question of:

Are you better at producing good or stopping evil?

Any member of society who wishes to be productive and not a parasite has to answer this question for themselves.  Are they better at creating good stuff or stopping bad stuff.  Some people have the traits to be cops, lawmen, soldiers, doctors, while others have the aptitudes to be entrepreneurs, inventors, mechanics, engineers, programmers, and chefs.  But regardless of which of the two contributing-to-society categories you choose, in both cases you are helping advance society.

Enter in one minor problem - human advancement.

In general we can say that human kind has advanced.  And since it's been around for a long time it's advanced a lot.  We certainly have a long way to go, and there are certainly cultures stuck in the past, but if you live in the 1st world, the economy and science has been advanced so far that it takes significant time, effort, and rigor to not only learn what has already been discovered, but get to the productive edge of the envelope so that you may be truly productive.

But, "uh oh, Aaron!  Did you say 'time, effort, and rigor?'"

Yes, yes I did astute young economist.  And you know what that means.

Since to be a genuinely productive member of society takes a lot of effort, training and specialization, that is going to run counter to the (now running) three generations of westerners living (more or less effort free) off of the laurels of their predecessor generations.  And when given the choice of being a producer of good or a preventer of evil, a lot of lazy people will pick....


Yes, some will become cops (which is in part why cops have a mixed reputation).  Some will become lawyers (again mixed).  But a significant percentage of them will not even be willing to take on the efforts and rigors it takes to be part of the "evil-stopping" contributors of society.  Instead, they will become the most evil people in society:

The Crusaders or Social Justice Warriors.

The reason they are the most evil people in society is because they choose a path that does nothing to advance society, neither producing anything of value or prevent anything of evil.  Worse, they take a look at what has been produced, what humans have worked so hard to achieve these past 5,000 years and instead villainize and attempt to destroy these achievements and progress.  This is thinly veiled as a "career" in the form of getting degrees in "Social Justice," "Sociology," religion, career politicians, activists, non-profits, and the whole panoply of faux/bogus "professions."  When in reality it is just selfish, maniacal, lazy ego maniacs who have no problem destroying the achievements of others and parasiting off of the genuine producers in society.

I know it is hard to choose the path of production.  I know that it takes a lot of studying and time to become proficient in today's increasingly technologically advanced economy to get to that "production-envelope."  But for the Patron Saint's Name of Frick, if you choose not to go down that path, at least choose the path of stopping evil.  Otherwise, you yourself are at best a parasite on society, if not a genuine and cowardly evil that hides behind false crusades.


TroperA said...

Social Justice Warriors combine the worst elements of hedonism with the worse elements of moralism. At least in the past (back when it was called "Puritanism" or "Church Lady Syndrome"), the practitioners were expected to hold to a standard of modesty which kept sexual incentives for beta male producers intact. Now, the SJW virus has become more virulent, declaring the end of standards, the total freedom of everyone to practice whatever sexual deviancy they want to (unless they're a white, heterosexual male,) and denying the vagaries and meanness of nature.

It's almost as if ideas are more important to these people than...people....

William Hughes said...

I have been struggling with how to describe people who choose life through useful service, yet produce nothing themselves. For example the idealized profession of soldier, doctor, teacher, or lawyer.

Prevention and mitigation of evil is a great way to encapsulate this idea, as a complement to creation of good.

And a strong contrast to parasite.

'Reality' Doug said...

I think your putting the horse before the cart at the end. Mooching with the values to be productive once free, i.e. enjoying and playing the decline, a done deal, is the way to win. It stops evil to mooch as a rebel of civilized values, on a very large time table.

Scott said...

Tars, good point. May I suggest some modern corporate jargon to allow a proper adjustment to these people's CVs?

Evil prevention specialist?

Malevolence mitigation technician?

Counter-corruption engineer?

William Hughes said...

Entropy management specialist? Note the idea was cap's I was Admiring it.

I am not enjoying the decline btw. But I am arranging my life via various shell corps to utterly minimize my taxes, and massively delay paying the ones I can't avoid. Choke the parasites off at the source. I want a future for my children.

However, there is still work to be done in explaining my position in the "politer" society I move around in. Parasite is a harsh and inappropriate word to use for essential service providers. I have had some success spreading these ideas, but the parasite concept brings up accusations of being a Randroid.

Preventer of evil and provider of good vs the utter waste of consumptive parasitic churn is a cleaner way to describe it.