Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gamergate for Non-Virgins

Confused about Gamergate?
Wondering why this is breaking into the MSM?
Should you care?  Should you not care?
Never fear, the Captain explains Gamergate here!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cap,

I thought you should check this out. It is related and is a great example of what you wrote about in "Worthless".

And an image I think you should link to:

Anonymous said...

Samus Aran, Lulu, Rikku, Cortona, Sophitia, and practically every Resident Evil game. Theres even more than that if you are an avid gamer. Theres even female Spartans in the Halo series.

How delusional are these feminists?

Albert said...

Hard-line feminists assume that any female depicted as attractive is simply there to be wank-material.

Personally, I think it's there to make guys dumb enough to enjoy games that have regressed in complexity since the SNES days, but I'm a bit cynical that way.

Jamie NZ said...

All in all it's just another brick in the wall...

Get stuck in lads!!!

Gjost of 503 said...

without even realizing it, #Gamergate internalized the most important lesson from Phil Robertson's battle with A&E. When confronted by SJWs & their mainstream allies dig in your heels and don't yield.

Watching the shitstorm has been awesome because the cultural left was dumb enough to think its usual shaming tactics were going to work against gamer-nerds. Name a past-time it's more acceptable to viciously ridicule. Much like the Robertson scandal the left has fired every weapon in its arsenal, and it has all failed.

Jamie NZ said...

Lieutenant Colonel Clarey{Put ya in for a battlefield promotion Cap}: Good afternoon Manosphere!

All Manosphere: Good afternoon, sir!

Lieutenant Colonel Clarey: Jesus Did you just land in a War Zone or a funeral parlor? Good afternoon Manosphere!

All Manosphere: GOOD AFTERNOON, SIR!

Lieutenant Colonel Clarey: OOOO! I just felt my dick move!

[All manosphere are laughing]

Lieutenant Colonel Clarey: For those of you that don't know me, I am Lieutenant Colonel Clarey, your battalion commander. We are now part of Operation Fuck Their Shit Up, now all around us, The Commies has got one million SJW's, now some of them have been fighting since you were nine or ten years old, they are tough, they will stop at nothing, they've used lies, fake death threats, they even got some poor bloke who was working to support his family sacked from his job here's a picture.

[All manosphere are looking stunned and angered at the picture of a man with no job and a family to feed]

Lieutenant Colonel Clarey: So you will hydrate, you will train, you will adjust to this desert, and you'll hydrate some more, and you will be ready, you will maintain a constant state of suspicious alertness, and one day soon, these fuckers are gonna regret pullin' this sorry shit!

[points to picture]
All Manosphere: OORAH!

Pte: We're gonna kick some ass!

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Pte: We're gonna kick some ass, sir!

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All Manosphere: Yes, Staff Sergeant.

Sgt. Roosh: We shall fucking see...