Thursday, October 09, 2014

Men Refusing To Marry, Women Getting Pissed

Here's the latest and "cutest" claim about men not wanting to marry:

They're "immature."

Replete with maps!


Anonymous said...

Might as well be titled "States with the least feminine women"

Kristophr said...

Looks like a good map for finding states with sane family courts.

Just look at the bottom of the list.

It's like using OECD hate articles to find good tax havens.

Adam Lawson said...

California is #50 in porn viewing? Bullshit.

Black Poison Soul said...

Part of it is women becoming overwhelmingly unattractive. Where are the feminine, classy women? Nowhere to be seen. Where are the slutty, brassy women? Puking in the gutters every Thursday through Saturday night.

Dan Lavatan said...

While it might be a good idea, I lived in Illinois and I don't think Illinois is the least feminine or have particularly good courts. I also agree with most Texans that family guy sucks. They should watch South Park instead.

Eric said...

I question any methodology which assumes "still watching Family Guy" is a sign of immaturity.

Anonymous said...

The article mentions that "20% of men live at home while only 12% of women do."
But it completely ignores the fact that all women have to do to be "on their own" is to move in with a boyfriend.
Men don't have that option.

Why the hell would a semi-intelligent man want to get married? It's basically a legal contract where the woman has the option to opt out of her end, while the man is obligated to provide for her regardless.

Anonymous said...

It's worse than that captain.

I also refuse to date and I refuse to be an employee.

There should be a: Workers Going Their Own Way (WGTOW) movement.

The Workosphere, etc.

You're not a real man until you fire your boss.

A big part of what pussifies men in America and the western world is that most men must work for a boss as an employee and must be hired first.

There used to be a time when men could wake up and go to work for themselves.

The Shrug said...

Oh, hell yeah! More shaming language! That always manages to bring in the mature (usable) men, doesn't it?

just some guy said...

If a woman wants to live on her own she can get knocked up and the government will ensure she can parasite off of men.... who will have to live at home to make ends meet.

Albert said...

Hmmm . . . Utah is considered the best state to find a good husband.

On the other hand, you probably need a temple recommend to have the best chance at attracting a good prospect. Think any of these "womyn" can manage to be a righteous Mormon?

Goober said...

You're not a real man until you fire your boss.

Eh. I'm tired of people telling me what I have to do in order to be a "real man" in their eyes.

Every one of them can go fuck themselves. You included.

And there, in a nutshell, is what "being a man" is all about. Telling all the other people that demand you adhere to their lifestyle and view of what you SHOULD be, to go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.

I could give two hot shits less if you think I'm a "man" or not because I draw a paycheck from a boss, who is my employer.

He'd bend over backwards for me because I make him a metric shit-ton of money every year, and while he's risking his house and his entire livelihood on the business, all I'm risking is next week's paycheck.

I like it that way.

Goober said...

As to men refusing to marry, as is typical in these situations, whenever someone else is not acting in the way that you'd like them to act, it is generally a bad idea to assume that it's a flaw on their part.

Because usually, it is more often a flaw on YOURS.

Occam's Razor leads us to give the simplest answer the benefit of the doubt. So when faced with a situation where you've got a choice between "all men" being broken, and your expectations of "all men" being wrong, Occam says that it is probably your expectations that are flawed, not every man on Earth.

So if you can't get a man to marry you, perhaps the problem is not "all men, everywhere" and is just more simply, "you."

A moment's introspection on why you can't get a man to commit to you might do you some good. Be honest now...

Faithless Cynic said...

The average Delaware female is so evil and drama laden they make a hetero male consider the gay lifestyle. Delaware women do not understand the first law of economics:  You get more of what you incentivize and less of what you punish. Compared to a Delaware harpy, porno and a palmfull of bacon grease look really good :-)  Muslims can use vaseline :-)

Stephen Griffin said...

In typical fashon women and liberals blame the inability for modern western women to attract Men. Women must clean up thier act and become the feminine women who respect thier man if they expect us to Marry thier sorry asses. Most of us single men are far more mature and caring than those who have married. So no its not immature to not marry.

Anonymous said...

Men are simply making a mature, rational decision. The costs of dating, being with, marrying, or even talking to a women far exceed the benefit. So why do any of it? If women want to be courted and married, they need to make themselves more attractive than the man's alternative. It's pretty pathetic that women can't even compete with video games and my right hand.

Anonymous said...

On the "Real men" thing.

I've given much thought on what attitudes a real men would have. And there IS an answer.

Real men will use logic and be impartial to trace their next move, with his/others well beign in mind. He will do ANYTHING no matter the consequences to do what must be done.

Are women doing their part to society? He will do his and try his best to protect this society.
Are women out of their place and not giving a damn? He will put them in their place NO MATTER THE COST, because he knows gender unbalance is a large destructive force.

If every resource available to solve the problem is taken from him, he will refuse to take any action.

We are real men when we coldly analyze the big picture and choose to do our part in making it better, and when we set our mind like that, we are simply unbreakable and only death will stop us.

If someone put a gun up to my head today and said I must be "mature" and marry, I would die without a second thougth.

Manginas sell their honor, self-esteem for pussy.
Feminist "Men" enbrace an ideology for pussy.

Real men don't trade their ideals for anything and will do whatever it takes to accomplish them and, if they don't receive a aknowledgement, they will let the world burn.