Monday, October 13, 2014

Truth Cannot Be "Sexist" Nor "Racist"

What I always get a kick out of (and more or less how I make my living) is how merely speaking the truth will get you accused of all sorts of "ists."  I'm already 60% dead and will not waste my remaining life living lies or abiding by them.  I've already danced around politically incorrect eggshells for far too long.  So I find it very cute, but intellectually conflicting when people claim merely speaking the truth is "sexist" or "racist."

This otherwise fine review of BPE is one such an example. 

"I’m going to have to agree that there are a few things Aaron writes about that are sexist. However what his critics don’t address is the more important issue of whether or not what he writes is true."

So am I to understand that the Victim Industry and Politically Correct Nazis have been so successful in brainwashing people that it is better to LIE than to speak the truth?  It's scary that people's logic are so preprogrammed this way that it is better to lie than to be considered sexist or bigotted, etc.

Let me tell you the path this is going down.

When people start telling lies, believing in lies, and (worst of all) making decisions based in lies, society begins to falter.  Growth falters, standards of living decrease, nearly every aspect of life will get worse because you're NOT living in the real world. What's worse is that people would prefer to hear pretty lies than harsh truths, and this gives genuinely evil people, posing as politicians, carte blanche to tell you whatever they want, and whatever you want to hear, so they can score your naive vote.

You people wonder why economic growth is 1/2 of what it used to be?
You people wonder why you can't find jobs?
You people wonder why there's a national debt 105% GDP?
You people wonder why after trillions spent on "The Great Society" women still earn only 77% of what men do and black's standards of living have not closed the gap with whites?

Well how about you grow a fucking spine and start accepting, living with, and basing your decisions in....(GASP!!!!)


Enjoy the decline, boys and girls.  Enjoy the freaking decline.


Kristophr said...

Everything is bad because of imperialist cupcakes, shitlord!

Jamie said...


sanelity said...

Speaking of truth and thought crime, check out what the Seattle City Council is promoting:

It seems to me the left just gets more hysterical by the day. It's almost as if they sense a backlash and are screaming louder as a result. They keep getting more ridiculous in their attempts to shame the sane into compliance.

Ed said...

Firstly, thanks for the link.

Point taken, I've reviewed what I wrote and I admit I could have written that much better.

You're right, if something is true it should not be seen as an "ist"

Anonymous said...

The problem we have is that Liberalism is a satanic religious ideology based in lies. Preaching truth is heresy. There is no rational argument you can make against their satanic fervor. None. There is only one way to stop these Nutty-Abigails and that is by force. They only understand hot and cold. Even though they bask in warmth. Truth is a demon to them. Lies are their savor. Know this, they will always defend evil.

Captain Capitalism said...

Hi Ed,

No problem, and it isn't "bad writing" as much as it is probably an unconscious testament to just how much brainwashing has occurred. Lord knows I've caught myself several times and I'm one of the most independent minded and right wing minded guys out there.

Regardless, thanks for the review.


Anonymous said...

"I'm already 60% dead and will not waste my remaining life living lies or abiding by them."

So, you expect to die at 64 years old ?

20 years below the national life expectancy ?

Anonymous said...

"I'm already 60% dead and will not waste my remaining life living lies or abiding by them."

I'm 150% dead, so count your blessings.