Monday, May 18, 2015

40 Degree Monday Morning Linkage

Because of my obtuse travel schedule, I am up Monday morning before 9AM.  Unfortunately, it is a balmy 40 degrees here in Minnesota, and I'm going to have to fire up the fireplace in the middle of May.  In the meantime here's some linkage:

DT and the Man make a point I hadn't thought of - of all the work, research, thought, philosophy and strategem, the world is so petty it focuses on the fact a guy doesn't want to see a feminist movie.

The Damnit Janet Podcast Archives (which I would have linked to earlier had Janet informed me she was putting together a podcast, but NOOOOOOOO, nobody keeps the ole Captain informed!)


Remember Democrats, keep telling yourself "deficits don't matter."

When lefties start businesses.

Mr. Muir gives me a hat tip.

New podcast on the Podcast Roll.

Like father like daughter. Don't ever tell me that race whore represents black people.


Anonymous said...

The Illinois pension crisis has always been kind of funny to me (I live just outside Springfield, the state capital). After years of shifting money that was supposed to go to pensions to Rod Blagojevich's pet welfare projects and corrupt crap for his cronies, now the pension deficit has boiled over to the point where we're in a real crisis. But now they want to fix it by just cutting pension returns, like it's the public employees' fault that the state didn't meet its obligations. It's the lawmakers' fault, and they should have all their pensions garnished to pay the teachers and other state employees the pensions they were promised.

Anonymous said...

The marijuana story reminds me of the early days of gay marriage in Canada. Because we allowed gay marriage before the US, a lot of gays came here to get married. The other shoe dropped though, when they came seeking divorce. Of course, their state who didn't recognize the marriage couldn't provide a divorce. Canada, OTOH, wouldn't divorce nonresidents.

john said...

The ASU/online thing is awesome. $200/credit hour seems like a lot, but I guess it beats $400. I got my undergrad from Ohio State in 1994, and at the time I paid ~$95/hour (up from $68/hour when I started in 1990) in state. I worked a part-time job (full time in the summer) and was able to pay for my tuition and books and graduate in 4 years with no debt. I seriously doubt that this is possible today. Maybe with programs like this the costs will come down such that kids can again come out of school with little/no debt.

Anonymous said...

The new york times may not be entirely insane:

Anonymous said...

Of course guys don't want to see a feminist movie. Isn't the purpose of a movie entertainment? And I'll speak for myself, if I want to see a political speech, I'll go to one, not a movie.

Anonymous said...

The Sharpton's are dog shit and need to be eliminated from the gene pool.