Sunday, May 10, 2015

"In the Hands of 16 Year Olds Everywhere"

Yes, yes, I do sound like Randall from "Clerks"

From an Amazon review of Bachelor Pad Economics:

This book is one of the most practical life guides that I've had the privilege to read. Aaron Clary does not mince words, and I love that he addresses the idea that having kids is a CHOICE, not a necessity. He gets really gritty and if you're overly sensitive he just may ruffle your feathers. Literally every aspect of life is covered, from worthless degrees to the decline of western civilization. He is a true man in a wilderness of wildly feminine life advice. His podcast is amazing, as well, so I'd highly advise that you check it out. He sounds like Randal from Clerks and he is just as hilarious, but also mixes in solid economics and live advice. 10 thumbs up. If this book could be placed in the hands of 16 year olds everywhere, civilization might have a chance to survive.

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Signor Farfalla said...

Good review and I agree with it totally. So much needs to be fixed in our culture but the number thing for me is what he mentions;

'Children are a choice and not a necessity'

I am childless at 44. The older I get the less I want a child, mainly due to reality in general, but I also think I would worry my ass off and maybe get cancer due to constant, pure worry agitating my cell structure at all times. It's not for me and it would be nice if the movement for respecting the childless would gain traction but I'm prepared for that not to happen. I won't have the money and don't want to bring a kid into a spiralling, lower class life when I was given a middle class life. Also, I don't want my own child's life to be the rope in a game of tug of war between decency (me) and this insane culture that is deteriorating by the minute, by the click, even. It's not fair to bring a life into the world, see the bright-eyed enthusiasm devolve into understanding that he/she is just fodder for collective bullshit.