Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Got Your $15/Hr "Right Here!"

Oh noesies!!!  What are liberal arts grads going to do for jobs now????


grey enlightenment said...

they can write for salon

Xtrasweettea said...

That $15/Hr will get us more accurate orders.

By The Sword said...

We'll have to use our free Community College education, to learn how to fix electronics.

Anonymous said...

Leech off of the rest of us, of course!

Anonymous said...

HA! Have you seen that the Unions in LA want an exemption!!?? Dipshits

Adam Lawson said...

Somebody has to bring the food out.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

Let's face it, businesses will always do what's cheaper in the long run. The reason they're putting in computers is because it'll be cheaper. Had the computers been cheaper 5 years ago then even the $6/hr worker would be out of the job.
It's only a matter of time...

Anonymous said...

Looks like that womyns studies in east african cultures of the mau mau, bachelor's arts degree will be paying some high dividends in the low skill job market....? ? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! You sucka millenials who majored in a worthless degree, now you can't even get a job at Mickey D's. Guess what, mom and dad can't afford you, either, since you drained them of their cash with your worthless education. But you did get your social justice $15/hour pay, except no one can pay it! Hope and changey!

mts1 said...

I don't see why the terminal wouldn't have been cheaper whether you had a $5/hr cashier or a $15/hr one. Someone finally figured out that we've gotten so used to sitting before a monitor that we would no longer balk at losing the live interaction. Not being born in the internet, I'm old enough to still want human interaction with certain purchases (shoes, car parts), but I'm an early Gen X/end of boomer, and these are for the Gen Y's and Z's. The universal use of the debit/credit card for even stupidly small buys made a cash handler obsolete, too. I admit to using ATMs and cashierless lines at the grocery, no matter what the teller or cashier was paid, it would still be more than a dumb terminal. I remember using terminals like these (but with PC DOS text screens) at now defunct Service Merchandise and Tepe's stores in the mid 80s to request what I wanted to get thrown on the belt. Nothing new under the sun.

Anonymous said...

Like gas stations & grocery stores, execs in the food industry recognize the inherent value in HAVING THE CUSTOMER DO THE WORK of employees. Enter your order, swipe your card, bag your own groceries, pump yer own gas, clean yer windows, hit the road.

Next step for fast food - a blast from the past, the automat.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

What about those of us who still pay with cash because we refuse to use our debit cards for anything other than making ATM cash withdrawals and still don't have credit cards?
...Because we refuse to engage in online or overt electronic purchases because we don't relish making personal resources vulnerable to cyber-thieves who'd bastardize our good name while cyber-embezzling our meager finances?

kurt9 said...

Automated systems that accept cash are just as possible as those that accept credit/debit cards only.

McD's and other fast food places in Europe are already highly automated. That's because wages are high and you can't fire people. So companies automate instead. Indeed, the photo is probably of a McD's in Europe.

Personally, I prefer self-serve whenever possible. I'm able to come in, do my thing, and get on with what I'm doing with minimal hassle.

faithless cynic said...

I got a king hell dose of food poisoning from a local Mcdonalds. I called the board of health and was told they will not send an inspector out for " just one" case of food poisoning. I have not eaten there in over two years. Most of the workers at the time I was poisoned were no speak english, dubious immigration status types. With the cost savings from computers, maybe Mcdonalds can hire fewer workers who know how to wash their fucking hands and not serve unsafe food.

A.B. Prosper said...

1st, when the age of minimum and low wage workers is really low, they neither need nor need high wages. From experience on both ends they are barely worth a few bucks an hour most times . Its the Mom and Dad subsidy and its a good thing

A few low wage workers are of no concern either, the poor will always be among us


as per the NYT

Minimum-wage workers are older than they used to be. Their average age is 35, and 88 percent are at least 20 years old. Half are older than 30, and about a third are at least 40.

This also covers low wage workers and anyone who is an adult working full time who can't afford a 1 bedroom apartment and the basics in a safe area is low paid.

In the end if it keeps up the questions are also going to be

1st "Now that wages are so low, who is going to be buying anything or starting families? Oh wait they aren't."

2nd "Who is going to be paying the taxes to keep the infrastructure up. You will or no one will."

3rd "Oh why do these socialists keep getting elected even though few people are going to college now."

4th "Why do the Democrats under El Presidente Para Vida Comacho just put a $50,000 a month tax on my kiosk to compensate for unemployment among Hispanic Youths.

5th "why did the mob just burn the city down and where are the police who weren't paid and are prosecuted for doing their jobs"

and 6th probably not last "Do I have enough ammo or should I save a bullet for myself."

The only reason the working class didn't go communist or revolutionary back in the day was Henry Fordism and Union labor to push wages up and of course Christianity and the Protestant work ethic.

Thats gone and if you keep arbitraging wages down too long and you'll not only get to enjoy the decline but very possibly the collapse too .

Michael said...

@faithless cynic;

how the hell did you manage to get poisoned by deep fried food?