Thursday, May 28, 2015

Glorious Thursday Day Linkage

This is one of the many reasons I don't believe in global warming.

I knew I liked Chris Pratt for a reason.

Robert McCain chimes in on Feminist Road, pointing out there's a "Moby" in our midst.

You don't listen to fat people giving advice on dating, just as you don't listen to European politicians giving advice on economic growth.

Exxon grows a pair.


Anonymous said...

Those satellite photos are great! Excellent find.

Gentleman X said...

Here's a link you missed - Before & After Review of Mad Max - He says, "Charlize Theron is actually the most important character in the movie. You don't even need Max."

James Wolfe said...

I was reluctant to see Mad Max but went anyways. Mad Max has a supporting role in the movie, but no more so than in the last couple of Max films. Truthfully I can't even remember any memorable scenes from the past movies that involve him, besides the original film. The other stars always seem to over shine him. He's just there. Doing what Max does. Taking care of business while trying not to get noticed. Not your typical "hero" movie. There was lots of action, not a lot of story. The characters are all psychotic to one degree or another, even the so called normal women. That's just the future we are to expect. Does anyone play a normal role? Is anything in it at all believable? Hell no. But it's good entertainment if you like insane vehicles and people doing impossible ridiculous things. The preachiness was mostly implied and not too opressive. The back story with the old hags that ran their water hole into the ground is more of a warning of what to expect once the "bad guys" are gone. I also recently saw Tomorrowland. Now that was way more preachy, though a different kind. In order to enjoy that movie you have to put on blinders and ignore it all. Just watch the show and root for the "good guys" who will save the world from ourselves simply by "hoping" things will get better. Hope and some spare change will fix everything. Mad Max was a far better movie than Fantasyland and much more believable.