Monday, May 04, 2015

Monday Late Night Linkage

Chris Bechtloff has a great podcast addressing many things, but I disagree about the disparaging remarks about gays.

All that empirical street smarts and you still major in stupid shit with the charity and kindness of strangers.

Genuine art where sound replaces words and you'll regret not clicking on this.

Is he sexy now you dumb ass ignorant young American bints?


Anonymous said...

You made one mistake Aaron. If this was a non-black male, you might have a point. But with her unique background and Ivy League cred, she will be throttled into some highly paid affirmative action position, like a diversity officer (yes this exists) in a fortune 100 company. Her degree is infinitely more useful because of her race, gender, and the fact that it can pander to the agenda of liberals.

Doug Cranmer said...

"... attending Ryerson, one of the most prominent universities in Canada ..."

Ryerson is a technical community college that eventually figured out where the real money is and rebranded itself as a "university." In Canada there is a clear distinction between 2 and 3 year community college diplomas and 4 year university degrees. Ryerson is widely considered a joke.

This isn't just petty snobbery. I work as an engineer in industry and our company absolutely will not hire anyone from Ryerson for positions beyond basic tech work that requires a 2 or 3 year diploma.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know that about Ryerson. I'll be more cautious viewing them as an option. Thanks.