Sunday, May 03, 2015

Can Feminists Ever Divorce the Government?

An interesting question/request from a client of Asshole Consulting.

Is feminism a psychological backlash wherein women want equal rights, and "then some" for all the oppression in the past, or does something else drive them?

Something else, son.  Something else.


Dan said...

For the most parts most feminists
don't really know what they want.
They are chronically unhappy, cannot grasp that happiness comes from within so therefore everyone and everything outside of themselves must be the reason they aren't happy and dammit someone is gonna pay for that.

Anonymous said...

They need the power of the government to bend us to their will. They will never divorce the government.

Sam Chapman said...

I've often seen people saying that more female participation in the workforce is a sign of a more developed economy.
I was wondering if this is one of the issues where people mix up cause and effect - that more female participation, especially in white collar jobs, is only possible when a more developed economy. I'd be interested in hearing your ideas on this.

Mark said...

There has been a longevity gap between men and women for many years with women living several years longer than men. You can't be very oppressed if you live longer than your oppressor. Recently the longevity gap has been narrowing. Women were better off being married to the boring beta breadwinner males. They traded that for careers and sleeping with alpha males. Once they are too old for the alpha males, they just have the added stresses of now working and having no husband around to help them out.

Anonymous said...

Divorce the government? No. They may, however, find themselves widows. Unexpectedly, of course.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

The art community argues the same thing: the most affluent economies have lpsts of artists, so subsidize more artists so that our economy becomes more affluent.
A bit like saying "rich people drive Ferrari's, so if I buy a Ferrari I'll become rich".