Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Help a Fellow Cappy Cappite Find His Lost Son

Bad news every one.  A good friend of mine's son has gone missing. 

The kid's name is Danny/Daniel Domres and he is a soldier based in Colorado Springs that has gone AWOL.  The details are here, but the kid could be anywhere.

Anyway, keep an eye out for him or if you know about his whereabouts please contact the ole Captain.


Tom Domres said...

I am on the ground here in Colorado Springs, trying to find my son Danny. Thanks for posting this, Cappy. We need all eyes on to find him. There will be time for analysis once this is done, but right now I am focused on finding him.

Tom Domres said...

As I am still on the ground, I have been working with local police and the Army to find him; however, none of those groups are actively looking. It is a passive approach, even though we believe Danny may in danger. We are looking to bring in some other professionals. How you can help:

Thank you for your help and support. We need any help we can get to find him and #bringdannyhome