Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rainy Day Linkage

Chris and Aurini do the work that the MSM won't.

One of my old haunts is being sold, hopefully remaining the same.

Which is why I got to the Black Hills often.

70% of you can't think you're above average and 80% of you can't think you're special.  But don't let reality get in the way of the "Self Esteem Movement."

Traditional universities replaced with rooms full of servers.

The top 9 gods liberals worship.

Dr. Helen makes a funny!

Harland Williams makes the note that Mad Max is not about Mad Max. And no, I still haven't seen the movie.

Attacking the wrong degenerates (though I do wish Mr. Aurini would not use the word "faggot")


Faithless Cynic said...

Liberals worship ten gods, not nine. The tenth god is total civilian disarmament. You cannot install yourself as head of a socialist utopia without first disarming those you plan to fuck over. Never mind that backyard machine shops would get busy turning out crude copies of the Sten and FP 45 liberator pistol. The libs worship this gawd above all others. I think perhaps that is why I dislike them so :-)

Faithless Cynic

grey enlightenment said...

Yeah, the use of the word 'faggot' is unbecoming - something I would expect from a 13-year old.

The millenialls, like any generation, have good and bad. From my own personal observation there are many millennials , including even some of the left, who disagree with the self-esteem movement and think it's full of crap. There are liberals who agree that maybe too much self-esteem leads to delusions of grandeur followed by a big let-down when the such lofty expectations, predictably, are not met. There are people who will be better than others.

Anonymous said...

If you think "faggot" is offensive then you don't know what the faggots say about you. Offering fair play ("tolerance") to a blatant outgroup, pun intended, is only going to get you rolled over.

TroperA said...

Sargon of Akkad often uses the word "faggot" to describe oversensitive manginas, regardless of their sexual orientation. Not all gay men are faggots and not all faggots are gay men. Of course, with a term this nebulous, it's hard to pin down any one definition.

The Shrug said...

"Liberals worship ten gods, not nine. The tenth god is total civilian disarmament."

Liberals worship eleven deities. The eleventh is The Almighty State.