Sunday, May 10, 2015

What Precisely Is Quantitative Easing?

Well this!


Richard Blaine said...

Nice job.

Last time I ran the numbers GDP growth was basically flat since 08 at 1.7%

We all know the Unemployment numbers are CRAP. wave gained about 1% in the workforce employed numbers but even that number is questionable.

Don't suppose you know where to get Hours Worked/Paid for hourly jobs
and number of people on salary - that way could could actually figure out how may full time job equivalents we're running. I suspect in terms of workforce employment - the drop from 63 (08) to 58 (2010) [civilian employment/population] was probably worse in terms of full time employment.

I don't much care for the tax revenue numbers either what I'd like is
non fed gov employee tax revenue
fed gov employee tax revenue
same for state.
Also a total cost for fed gov labor (full benefits)
It would make it much easier to figure out that it takes about 20 people to support each and every federal employee.

Anonymous said...

Probably the best presentation on QE I've ever seen or read.

QE has never worked, except for helping the banksters.