Friday, May 29, 2015

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

is to follow the Ole Captain on twitter this weekend. (frankly, just trying to see if I can get 1,000 new followers in a weekend)


BC Monkey said...

Just saw this ad on FB. (

Take a watch and tell me what you notice the absence of- entirely. (No cheating!)

OK- there is no sign at all of ANY female presence in the guy's life. Not even the suggestion that there should be one. (3 minute ad and not even a hint of the 101 Dalmatians scenario of your cute dog will get you girls? A marketer could never pass that up unless there was a reason.) The dog actually IS the female presence in the guy's life (see where the dog sleeps, for example) Have marketers decided that MGTOW are a new market, or is this a flipping of the "cat-lady" script to the "Dog-boy"?

What do your economist spidey senses say?

Tim said...

Comes into his life

Fucks shit up which he ends up apologising for

Requires constant attention

Cannot feed itself

Perfect substitute

Bernard Chapin said...

How do I follow on here?