Friday, June 12, 2015

Again, Leftism IS a Mental Disease

Note she's also an academian.


kotetu said...

It's worked for her for years. A decade, perhaps, of receiving victim status, and perhaps the benefits of racial quotas, affirmative action, etc.

Hell, she TAUGHT a class on "The Black Woman's Struggle"


Anonymous said...

Something important I want so say:
In England men are considered paedophiles, unless you can prove that you are not.

sth_txs said...

Hey, why not play the system?

Anonymous said...

Nawwww man. She's transracial.

Let's ask the dems why they have a phobia of transracial people and insist that anyone who disagrees is a hater. Cause you are black if you FEEL black. Race is a social construct, like gender and stuff.

(please know I'm joking.... mostly)

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on this Cappy?

What do we want?
We don't know!
When do we want it?

Anonymous said...

Captain, writing a book about helping black people out of poverty is racist but pretending to be black to gain government/donation money is progressive.

BlogDog said...

I once wrote a letter of recommendation for the African-American nephew of an African-American friend from university, said letter being to that same uni. But I wrote it as him, going on about the "Black experience" at MyOldSchool. And I'm a delightful shade of beigey-pink. But I never held myself out in public as other than I am.

That bitch be trippin!

Unknown said...

I suppose if you deny objective reality then anything is considered fair game. The liberals are like the screwballs in Alice in Wonderland like the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. Words mean what they think they mean and there are no standard definitions for anything. For the insane, this is paradise because without normal there is no abnormal. However with no standards they still have the absurd fake morality of White Racism and Total Intolerance for Christianity, because its supposedly intolerant of them. Its the ultimate narcissistic fantasy world where you are the center of the universe and get to play God with other peoples' lives, as long as they go along and don't kill you.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen,
this is the ultimate troll.

Anonymous said...

It’s the old unforeseen consequences bit kicking in again.

If it is more advantageous to be “black”, then people will identify as black.

So she’s “officially” black. That makes her immune from criticism (and if you DO criticise her, you are Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaycist!). Therefore, you are ALL racists for saying that she isn’t.

All clear now?