Monday, June 01, 2015

Society vs. The Individual - Part 2

I suggest reading part 1 here if you haven't already.

Be you 20, 30, 40 or 50, the point in time will come in your life where you will stop and realize,

"Hey, I've lived 40, 50, 60% of my life and I'm still not anywhere near where I thought I'd be."

This epiphany won't happen to every one, but for those of you who are intellectually honest and have the intelligence to realize AND APPRECIATE the fact you're finite, you WILL make this observation.  This is a good thing because it's simply true.

You are finite.
You are going to die.
You've likely already expended 65% of your life.
But your life hasn't gone the way it was "supposed to." 
So what do you do to ensure you don't piss away the remaining, precious 35%?

Unfortunately, answering this very vital and single most important question in your life won't be easy. 
For in answering this question you are going to have to pit the most important thing in your life (your remaining time on this planet) against the single largest and most-well-financed force on the planet.


You see, most people are indeed good people with good intentions.  They WANT to do go.  They WANT to succeed and therefore MOST people will do what "society tells them to do."  Unfortunately, as demonstrated in Part 1, we realize that society is NOT here to help the individual but to take advantage of the individual to advance society.  But, again, society and the institutions therein are SO effective at brainwashing people into thinking they're "doing the right thing," not only do they trick most people to sacrifice their finite lives for the "commune," they get people to become emotionally and psychological vested in these lies.

So be you,


you not only have to overcome DECADES of your own brainwashing, but face the inevitable backlash from society for daring to be an individual and doing (what is in their eyes) "wrong."

Alas, this task is herculean on two different levels.

First, the individual must make the most ARROGANT of assumptions and dare to let himself think that maybe, just maybe, ALL OF SOCIETY is wrong, and that s/he is right.  The statistics alone of one person being right while the remaining 300,000,000 citizens in the country are wrong prove the audacity one must have to think such a thought, but have we not see this multiple times before?

If it was 1998 and you were one of those "fools" that said there was a "tech bubble" you were an outcast, a pariah, an idiot who "just didn't understand the internet."  Sure enough the individual was proven right, and society wrong.

A short 8 years later and the same idiot sheeple masses fell for the same damn trick again.  Except instead of tech stocks, it was housing.  Again, if it was 2006 and you dared to suggest there was a housing bubble, you were an idiot, a moron, and a party-pooper raining on every late 20 something's McMansion house warming party that was purchased on an ARM.  But sure enough, society was wrong, and the individual was right.

And think of the pre-internet 20 something man in the dating world who was constantly told:

"Maybe you just attract the wrong type of woman?"
"Maybe you need to try a new fishing hole?"
"You need to become more sensitive to women's needs"

yet had the balls to stop and say,

"Wait a minute.  What if there's nothing wrong with me?  What if there's something systematically wrong with the way American girls are being raised?!  What if I'm perfectly fine and these girls are all batshit insane?"

Imagine the arrogance and gall it took WITHOUT THE CORROBORATING EVIDENCE WE HAVE TODAY ON THE INTERNET to believe in such a statement.  But yet once again, the individual is right and society is wrong.

We could go on, but you get the point.  In order to live your life for yourself and not society, you need to have the balls and the courage to dare to think that you on your little lonesome may be right, while the rest of society is wrong.  It goes against, "conventional wisdom."  It's the epitome of hubris and arrogance.  But it is the only logical conclusion you're left with when you've "done what society told you" and have nothing to show for it.

The second herculean task is unfortunately impossible to complete.  For it's more of a new "status" you get to endure rather than a simple finite chore that can be completed in a couple of minutes.  And that is society is going to hate you.  And hate you on multiple levels. 

The immediate hate you're going to receive is that you will be viewed as a borderline criminal.  You no longer believe in "conventional wisdom" and therefore aren't breaking any codified laws, but are breaking many social norms and morays.  Friends will leave you.  Family will lecture you.  And you'll likely never have a stable career.  You aren't OBEYING, you aren't CONFORMING.  You're "not a team player" and have "anger management issues."  It isn't that you're personally assailing or assaulting these people, it's that you are directly triggering their "tribal survival instincts" and at a subconscious level are indirectly threatening their livelihood.  Alas, you will just "rub people the wrong way" because you insist on being a genuine individual.

The second wave of hate you'll receive is that you'll be viewed as arrogant, cocky, holier-than-thou.  Again, you won't be lifting a finger to hurt or harm any one, you'll just be living a life that is based in reality.  And after you do that for a while you'll start to do better than your peers.  You'll date more women/men.  You'll make more money working less hours.  You'll enjoy more hobbies and have better mental health.  You'll have a better family life with children who actually love you.  The high-powered-corporate couple, who are on the verge of divorce, have everything leveraged to the hilt, and can barely afford the nanny for their children they really don't love will secretly envy you as you hop on your motorcycle for a two week American west roadtrip replete with reading books, fishing, and hiking.

And the final (and most visceral) form of hate will result from you essentially making others question their own lives.  In living your life based in reality and not what society wants, you are empirical evidence, a mirror that forces people to wonder if they haven't pissed away their own lives.  Some people respond positively to this, going down the path of independent-mindedness, salvaging what remains of their lives.  But most will merely see red and hate you.

The reason is sad.

Deep down inside these people KNOW they are too lazy to do what is necessary to live a truly enjoyable and accomplished life.  And instead of putting forth the mental and physical effort, they choose instead to believe the lies told to them by society.  However, without any real, genuine accomplishment in life, all they have is the lies they believe. 

"I have my MASTERS DEGREE!  I'm SMART!!!"
"I'm a VEGAN!!!  I'm MORAL!"
"I'm a (fill in victim class here) _______!!!  I'm ENTITLED!!!"
"I'm a feminist!!!  I'm EMPOWERED!!!!"
"I'm a MGTOW!!!  I don't NEED WOMEN!!!"

So when you come along and prove that their false gods and their false religions are just that, you are an unintentional megaphone screaming into their ears that they are wasting their lives, have no value to society, but above all else, are cowards who'd rather live lies than live life. 

Naturally, you can predict their response. 

Name calling (racist, bigot, homophobe, sexist,  misogynist, etc.), feigned indigence, accusations of oppression, death threats, and let's not forget good old fashioned "the world getting its tits in the sling."

But the fact they resort to these methods of "debate" only proves you're right and they're wrong.

Regardless, if you're willing to do these two things (dare to think you are right and society is wrong, AND endure the guaranteed backlash and hatred that will ensue), going down this path in the long run is worth it.  And the reasons are three.

1.  You won't waste your life. 

I don't know how many leftists and other lie-livers are going to be on their death beds wondering and regretting the one shot in life and consciousness this universe gave them. 

Could that MGTOW have hit weights and not died a virgin?
Could that feminist tried her hand at STEM and not lived on EBT and government grants?
Could that inner city kid left the ghetto and become the next Ben Carson?
Could you have been a stay at home dad and spend time with your children instead of at the office?

Probably, but that's not our concern. 

When we die there will be no regrets.  We'll be comfortable with dying because we lived.  We didn't sit there and mope, whine and complain, and blame all of our problems on other people.  We went out there, got our asses kicked, but kicked even more ass in the process.  And in the end we didn't waste second of our lives.  They weren't ordinary lives.  They weren't lives lived by "what we were told to do."  They were unique lives, filled with the successes and mistakes that were 100% owned and defined by us.  And that's an experience no liberal arts-majoring hipster, professional victim, SJW, feminist type will ever experience.

2.  Sanity

I don't care how much flak I get from how many millions of people.  In the end the life I lead right now is INFINITELY better than what I was living before simply because it makes sense.  It's logical.  It all adds up. 

I don't sit awake at night wonder how to excel in my career or impress my boss.  I don't get frustrated wondering "what do women want and how can I give it to them?"  And I don't spend one calorie of energy worrying about encroaching socialism or the future of western civilization

I sat down, removed emotion, feelings, and desires from all of life's questions, and simply asked, "what is reality?  What is real."  And upon answering those questions, and accepting the empirical evidence as fact, knowing and living in the real world provides more stability and sanity than one where you "major in your heart and the money will follow" or "maybe you just attract the wrong type of woman." 

Admittedly, a lot of people may not like you.  But the serenity and peace that comes with living in the real world is worth all the hate in the world.

3.  Progress

In living and basing your decisions in the real world, success is inevitable, even if accidental.  You're not throwing $75,000 on a "Creative Writing" degree you "hope" pays off.  You're accepting the reality that you should drop $10,000 on a welding program certification.  You're not going after the hottest babe at the night club, but meeting that solid B girl at the Beartooth rally who can clean her own carburetor.  And you're not believing that president Obama is going to provide for you forever, but you're going to take matters into your own hands, make sure you don't get somebody pregnant, and ensure you don't end up in the poorhouse.

You may not be living the life society promised you (if you "did what you were told"), but that life was never going to happen anyway.  And that's the reason the individual's life will always be better than the one society told you you could have. 

So the choice is really yours.  You can do what society tells you:

Get a worthless degree
Followed up by an MBA or masters
Further burdened with a mortgage and car loans
With children you can barely afford
Plus a spouse who is likely to divorce you
With two "power careers"
Replete with 2 hour commutes
Cubicle soul-destroying jobs
Children in day care who hate you


Do what you want:

A simple trade or skill
Frugal minimalist budget
A QUALITY spouse
With a focus on family, friends, and loved ones
Time with the children
Fishing trips out west
No debt
A reliable used car

But the truth is, this isn't an editorial.  There is a right and wrong answer.  The issue is whether you can give up caring what society "thinks" about you.


grey enlightenment said...

choose your life or else someone will choose it for you

Anonymous said...

Wow! This describes my life right now. I was able to stop working a real job at 51 and I got the hate. Some direct, some passive/aggressive snide remarks about how I live. Glad to know there are others in our tribe.

'Reality' Doug said...

Excellent two-part essay. The correspondence of my beliefs in detail with the elaborate and structured analysis must prove we are reading the same information and synthesizing the same self-consistent conclusions, which thus comforts me in the proposition that I am not actually crazy to think that most people are zombies. (I think calling most Americans and other dip shit Westerners crazy gives them too much credit regarding their mental potential.) Either way, I am better than most people. It is sooo fucking arrogant, and yet I have decided recently that I am going to stick to it, and not let other people use psychological pressure and pretenses to control my outward behavior. I am not a success, Cappy, so I hope you are right about inevitability.

Anonymous said...

My dad retired at 45. Got major hate from the losers out there even though he was completely self funded and still is to this day.

sth_txs said...

Many years ago, I realized within less than a year that the whole work/career paradigm is a fraud. I did not feel bad spending 8 years (working during summers) in college working on a couple engineering degrees. I got to help my family who needed me anyway.

The engineering consulting companies and others want you to work for free and put up the crappy pay, sorry time off, and sorry benefits. The one where I started had these old guys that were in 50's but looked worn down and looked like hell. I've met 70 year olds than in better shape.

William Hughes said...

Nice write up. This honesty is why I keep coming here and sending other men here. Thanks

William Hughes said...

Thanks for the honesty.

Black Poison Soul said...

As an aside, it looks like there's another Tech bubble going on in Silicon Valley etc. At least, that's what it looks like from here in New Zealand - being closer to the action, you can judge better for yourself.

Kendahl said...

I'm fine with "Do what you want" instead of "Do what society tells you" when the two conflict. However, your "Do what you want" list sounds like "Do what Captain Capitalism thinks best." That's not doing what you want. Why work at a trade when you enjoy programming computers? Maybe you prefer your own company and want neither a spouse nor children. Why settle for a reliable used car when you know you will enjoy driving a classic air-cooled 911? Since "having it all" is impossible, what's important is to choose the compromises that give the most satisfying results for you, personally. The only list that matters is your own.

Suzy said...

Thanks for this. It's a good read. It really is a good work you and the others are doing to expose all the lies in our society. I am so glad to be growing up in the era of the internet. You are helping changing lives by simply telling people truth. A little more six months ago I had so much cognitive dissonance that I was pretty much on the verge of insanity (my mom who has a legitimately schizophrenic sister was beginning to worry about me). I am much saner and happier now having happened upon you and then Roosh and others who are telling the truth as they see it without reservation. Thanks again for helping.