Saturday, June 20, 2015

If I Could Go Back In Time and Talk to My Younger Self

A review about Bachelor Pad Economics:

I graduated high school in 1973. I suspect Aaron Clarey was not around then :-) If I could pay $500,000 and mail a copy of this book back in time to myself, I would do so in a heartbeat. Growing up, I made just about every mistake decribed in the book except fathering a kid. I wasted years slaving away for uncaring scum employers who rewarded extra effort with insults. I spent man years wondering WTF was wrong with me, when my view of how the world really worked was wrong. I gave up on the corporate grind, started a business, and work a basic job for healthcare and extra money. My life is way better now. Buy this book or make all the life mistakes yourself. I beg you not to waste your one precious life in one of the many life traps of the modern world.

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