Monday, June 08, 2015

Cappy's Adventures Out West!

Pics from Mt. Charleston and Snow Canyon Utah.

Remember, work hard, pay taxes, borrow gobs of debt, and buy mcmansions.


Bucho said...

Speaking of which, I hear the government is going to forgive the debt for the students of Corinthian College conglomerate. Your tax dollars hard at work!

leeholsen said...

"Remember, work hard, pay taxes, borrow gobs of debt, and buy mcmansions."


I'm going to need a good sample size of young hot indebted blonde women to choose to house clean and sponge bathe me from when I retire at 50 because I have no debts, a nice financial cushion and can live below the poverty line.(with the excepting expense of said women).

Unknown said...

Great landscape.

Too bad you don't ride mountain would be an honour to pay you a visit, head to one of these spots and hit the trails.

Anonymous said...

Good time to visit the Western Mountain states. recent fan here of your work here, Aaron. good message and your delivery and use of humor are entertaining. Recently bought 'Worthless' for my College entering daughter and "Bachelor pad economics' for my 21 (soon to be 22) y.o. working son. (I had actually sent them a couple of your videos and the Amazon reviews of these books, and they respectively expressed interest in getting the books). I glanced through the books b4 giving each to them -- excellent work. Many of these young adults today -- at least those who haven't been hopelessly indoctrinated past the 'point of no return' by leftist BS -- know something is wrong with the world. Works like yours help them see it more clearly so they can better navigate their lives.

if you swing thru Phoenix, let me know. The beers are on me.

Jeff M

Blinding Buddha said...

Cappy don't you work? Lol great pictures man!

Anonymous said...

that's where I grew up. I have photos swinging from Johnson's Arch on a rope.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

"Buy McMansions"
...then you post photographs demonstrating some of the great dwelling places God and nature have ALREADY provided for us.