Monday, June 15, 2015

But She Was in Wuuuuuuv!

Ah the benefits of:

Affirmative action
Ignoring the differences between men and women and
Putting politics and affirmative action ahead of the safety of the public

But it's OK.  A couple more people dead is a small price to pay so we can imagine women are the EXACT same as men.


Anonymous said...

Agree. I wonder how the taxpayers of New York feel about paying her 57,000 a year and now have to pay the legal bills and possible incarceration fees. Not to mention the millions they are paying police and authorities to search for the escaped murderers. Yah! Go Team Women.

TroperA said...

The funny thing is, the other day when my coworkers and I were discussing this news story (and little was known) I said the female prison worker probably liked bad boys and was probably dating the men who escaped. I was immediately accused of being sexist by one particular co-worker (a young female who'd just gotten a liberal arts college degree). She accused me of always being sexist and attacking women and I merely replied that I was telling the truth. She said I was lying about women loving Bad Boys. I didn't want to accelerate things (and risk gettin' a firin') but if I'd had I could have pointed out that in the last year alone we had:

(a) one co-worker who married a bad boy (after knowing him only a few months) and who refused to testify against him after he'd beaten the crap out of her and

(b) another coworker who had a granddaughter who just ran out of state with another bad boy (a known liar) whom she'd just met online.

For some reason, it seems to be the younger women in our office who want to expunge all blame from women and place all the blame on men whenever a relationship goes wrong. The older women know better. I don't know if that's because the younger women have been exposed to more college and media brainwashing or because they've just not experienced much of reality firsthand yet. I want to keep my job so I just nix the realtalk whenever my coworkers get too huffy at me.

Anonymous said...

Not really a gender issue. It could have happened to anyone. Plenty of middle aged chubby guys are willing to go to prison to help two convicted murderers escape if they show him a little attention. Throw in the possibility of living happily ever after with a deranged homicidal psychopath and what man could pass up that opportunity?

Seriously. Don't Prison employees get any training at all about how the inmates will play them?

I thoughtit was funny that the day after this happened, her son was on TV saying that anyone who suggested there was a romantic link between his mom and the convicts was totally off base. "You don't know her at all". HAHAHA. Actually, this was not just possible, it was a totally predictable certainty.

Anonymous said...

That's gonna be my ex one day. She cheated on me with some bad boys, then dumped me; now she's got a new fiancee who's even more beta than me, and she's applying for prison ministry work. Gotta get them alpha f**ks somewhere!