Thursday, June 18, 2015

Worthless Degree Awareness Month Continues!

You warn people about the risk of STD's.
You caution your children about the dangers of smoking.
But do you warn loved ones about the perils of worthless degrees?

Spread the good word!  June is Worthless Degree Awareness Month!  Help "raise awareness," but unlike most movements that "raise awareness" this one will actually help!

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Ollie said...

Mad Max update:
It looks like MMFR is flirting with fail territory. They're hoping for another $100m+ in international box to pull it out of the fire, which isn't likely given the competition being brought by Jurassic World (among others).

"Mad Max: Fury Road has just surpassed $300M at the worldwide box office so far, but it’s a far cry from becoming a profit maker yet. With a hefty budget of well over $200M in production, marketing and distribution costs, this Warner Bros./Village Roadshow actioner is going to have to pull in much more to break even."

Also, I found yet another reviewer who pretty much confirmed your suspicions:

"Is it possible to dislike a film where dirt bikes jump over trucks and their riders drop grenades into the sunroofs of those trucks? I’d have said “no”, but now I know differently"

I hope that Miller gets the message and ditches pitching feminist agitprop once and for all.