Friday, June 26, 2015

Howdy from the Bakken


Unknown said...

Hope you enjoy your time in my home town, had I known you were going that way I would have moved up my motorcycle trip by a fewweeks so we couldenjoy cigars and tales of the road together.

Watch the traffic up there.

Anonymous said...


Why don't you WORK at the Bakken instead of posing at the Bakken ?
Let's say you work there two years. Not only will you make a lot of money in two years, you could also write a book describing your experience, what mistakes to avoid etc.

You could keep your followers informed of your life there on your blog. You could make a career out of recounting your experience.

Unlike other people, you are a blogger and writer, so you could capitalize on your work experience.

Imagine a TED talk: "I survived the Bakken and so can you".