Tuesday, June 02, 2015

"I Can't Sleep" Linkage

Let vets use the GI bill to start businesses, not attend college.

People should not be allowed maximum freedom.  I disagree, and will respond later.

Baaaaah  Baaaaah!  Sheeeeeeple.  The SHEEEEEPLE!

Yep, "White privilege" is your main problem there.

AKA those who produce and those who merely serve what's being produced.

Vince Vaughan won't work any more.  But at least him and Corolla have their sanity.

Aurini does some DAMN FINE editing work.  The trailer for The Sarkeensian Effect is out.

Bernard Chapin tells his story which is not only entertaining and interesting, but very insightful as to what happens when a man who deals with drama, gets engaged, then divorced, gets older, and would rather read books of Russian history than date another 24 year old ditz.  It filled in a lot of gaps about Uncie Bern and I hope you listen to his newly launched podcast.

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Jamie NZ said...

Was doing some thinking Cap

You're wrong when you say Vince Vaughn won't work again.

Manosphere The Movie - coming soon to a cinema near you...

Can you say money maker