Sunday, April 14, 2019

As You Rush to Do Your 2018 Taxes

Though the people who tune in and read the Ole Capmeister here are indeed in the top 5% of intelligent people in the world, PROCRASTINATION knows no bounds and infects the smart just as much as it infects the stupid.

Thus as many of you are rushing to complete your 2018 taxes, you will also be asked "Do you want to make a contribution to your IRA for 2018?"  The answer is yes, but more importantly, if you are procrastinating on your taxes, you are also likely procrastinating on your retirement planning.

So may I introduce the easiest way to retire - Poor Richard's Retirement.

I won't bore you nor lecture you, but I will simply tell you THE NANOSECOND YOU ARE DONE filing your 2018 taxes, please go and buy this book (and read it) and get cracking on your retirement planning.  You do NOT want to be like the baby boomer morons who are coming up to me at 62 and saying,

"I'm 60 and haven't started saving for retirement.  It's time to get serious!  how do I retire at 65."

Please, dear god almighty do NOT  become like these people where you are simply going to work till you're dead.  GET POOR RICHARD'S RETIREMENT NOW and spare yourself the horrific fate of outliving your money!


Jim said...

Is it good to just save the money in a bank account? I don't trust stock market

Shannon_Entropy said...

And here I thought you were just gonna advise everyone to file an IRS Form 4868
[ an automatic six month extension ]

I do this every year cuz heck, as one of your hated Boomers I might well be dead by October... and filing my estate's tax returns will then be somebody else's problem

Yep... us Boomers are entirely self-centered... just like every other generation in human history

Anonymous said...


No, the prior generations had the decency to save for their old age, not vote away all our rights, not inflate the currency into oblivion, and get out of the way of succeeding generations when the time came. Boomers destroyed everything and desperately, embarrassingly, cling to the sad remains of their lives by sucking the young dry. Boomers will not be missed.