Wednesday, April 24, 2019

When Leftists Punish Themselves

AKA "Seattle is Dying." (this is a lengthy documentary so it isn't a short video)

If you wanted an abbreviated version, tune into this episode of The Masculine Geek around the 7 minute mark where they discuss it.


Stephen J Carter said...

Talking about this without pointing to the ideology that legitimizes it means no solution will happen. What ideology prevents any solution? What ideology blames anyone who draws our attention to this? What ideology refuses to address "homelessness".

Isn't this the same ideology that legitimizes zero border control and open borders.

Shannon_Entropy said...

Nice shout out to Li'l Rhody, Aaron !!

I moved here in 1982 to join the faculty of Brown University and live in Warwick, RI
... and intend to live here the rest of life, in spite of this place being one of the most liberal States in the Union

We donut have the crime & drug prablem here like they have in 'Free-attle' & SF; our main issue is the economy... every time the US sneezes we get FILO pneumonia [ first in / last out of any economic downturn

But Mrs Entropy & I are personally thriving & "enjoying the decline" so all's well that ends well I suppose !!

Bacon said...

LOL I actually took the time to sit down and watch this! Having seen it up close, I can confirm and say it's even worse than this.

Unknown said...

Having escaped from California a decade and a half ago, I can testify that these people will bitch and moan about the problems that they have... and keep voting for the same policies that created those problems. The smart ones start leaving as soon as they find these problems occurring, and don't forget how these problems were created.

brian t. said...

Seattle is a dump. Only reason to be here is if you have a high paying job at a Globocorp. I can't wait for Trump to dump the ""refugees"" here and watch the cognitive dissonance shatter into a million pieces.