Friday, April 26, 2019

Socialism: The Religion of Millennials

I chat with Brett of The School Sucks Project about the Millennial generation and how their point and purpose in life was SPECIFICALLY designed and prescribed to them - socialism.  We then talk about how school (from K to college) was instrumental in getting Millennials to ONLY have socialism as their ONLY value in life and what a sad and pathetic life that must be.

I'd tell Gen Z to tune in, but they're too busy becoming Millennials v. 2.0 as we speak.  Still, an intellectually stimulating conversation for those with an IQ above 110.


mobius said...

Yeah, but the monkeys make a religion out of everything. Be nice if they confined themselves to sportsball.

Greg said...

This was SUPERB Aaron. So many critical ideas for a young person to base their mental OS on. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

Robert What? said...

Socialism is the way the lazy and the unproductive get wealth and power without actually having to work for it. They parasitize off the productive classes. Of course we are getting close to the point when the parasites overwhelm the host. What happens then?

FiveYearFIREescape said...

Here's the thing. I get it, I'm a millennial and we aren't great. I figure the biggest issue we have is the inability to accept the fact that life is supposed to suck sometimes. It drives a lot of weird stuff into my generation.

It does some good too. People try to change things which is generally good. Life sucks sometimes though and being unable to accept it makes us weird. Teachers jumped on the bandwagon of telling us we are special.

I think that this belief causes a lot of us to break free from the cube farms of the world and I consider that a win :P