Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Rogan Ruins Adam on Everything

Once Adam did the "debunking the alpha male" and his citing sources was a bit shoddy, I stopped really paying attention to the show.

Payback, however, is a bitch for doing shoddy work and promoting an agenda over reality.


Spirit_of_the_bayonet said...

Ha! Look at that bugman squirm. He is trying to explain away the fact that women do not find him attractive because he is short, fat, snarky, effeminate, and a male feminist. Deep down inside he knows that he is beta, he knows he cant change, and he hates himself. His enemy is truth and beauty.

Spirit_of_the_bayonet said...

After watching more of this interview, I'm thinking this Adam is a gamma.

TheTrophyOne said...

"National Geographic Going Ape" (3 part documentary, which last I checked, was available on Youtube) PROVED ALPHAS ARE BORN IN HUMANS.

SHOCK!!! You mean that really big guy who's chill and outgoing isn't the same as everyone else???!?!?! NO WAY!!!