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It's Not Your Job to Unpack Her Desires

Economics and War

For the past couple of years I've been binging on war and battle documentaries and podcasts.  In part to learn history.  In part to learn about military tactics.  But also in part because I find it a fascinating study on economics.  Specifically the complete and total ignoring of it.  Because in nearly every instance of battle, war, and invasion the winner always had better economics.  And had the opponent in the war merely took the time to measure and assess their resources and economic efficiency against their adversary, most wars would have never been fought, millions of lives never lost, and thousands of economies never ruined.

Still, even to this day, economics I believe plays a subdued or unrecognized role in warfare and battle.  WWII is about the only war where resources maybe made it to the forefront, perhaps the frontal cortex of the Allies' brains.  But Hitler and Hirohito failed miserably to assess their economics versus the Allies and millions died and perished because of it.  Had Hitler and Hirohito just had better economics, WWII would have never started.

Still, this is the price we pay as a society for mis-measuring other countries' economics and economic potential.  Millions dead.  Economies destroyed.  Centuries lost.  And hundreds of millions of affected family members.  And so if we can do a better job assessing economic reality, we stand to gain tremendously as a global society.

But there are other instances where accurately assessing your adversaries' resources and economics comes into play.  It could be business, law, education, the drug trade - any instance where "game theory" would apply and there is not-so-much another enemy or adversary, but another "player" you are going up against in some form of competition.  Accurately assessing these other players' economics is vital, and can save you inordinate time, labor, money, and resources, even your life.  And while I cite war as the most costly example of mis-reading your adversary's economics, more common (and *almost* as costly) today is modern day men attempting to court modern day women.

How Many Trillions Did You Spend?

I first came to this epiphany when reading Roosh's book "Game."  I observed for a man that the leftist-media paints as a misogynist, his book was the most pro-female book ever written.  The reason why I concluded this is that though his book is intended to help men get laid, the hurdles, chores, responsibilities, and requirements he demands of men to meet girls is incredibly high.  Men must work out, strategize, forecast, study, major in the right thing, work hard, and predict women's every want and desire.  They must dote on every possible whim of women from here on into eternity.  And if you looked at what was being asked of men in order to "get women" it was incredibly dedicating, committing, even sacrificial on the part of men.  No book written by women even came close to asking of women what "Game" asked of men.

The Red Man Group also contributed to the realization and crystalization of this epiphany.  Tune into any one of their high-quality shows, and you'll find that the majority of their time is not so much spent on pick up tactics, advocation of hitting the gym, or talk of TRT, but understanding the psychology of women.  Like Roosh writing "Game," The Red Man Group bends over backwards to investigate, understand, and accommodate for women and women's psychology.  Again, I ask, "where is the female equivalent of such accommodations to recognize and accommodate for men's psychology?"

We could go on, but in nearly every case, blog, podcast, or vlog in the red pill community, men are spending inordinate amounts of time, labor, and resources trying to figure out what women want and delivering that to them.  And whereas you may find that sad or degrading - all these men wasting their lives trying to "figure out women" - the truth is that is what men are programmed to desire most in life - women.  And I can't shame or belittle anybody for following their genetic programming, simply because they don't have a choice.  No matter how bad things get, men will continue to want and desire women, and therefore there will always be a forum, discussion, or debate as to how to be successful in that endeavor.  This in a sense "condemns" men to spending at least a significant amount of their mental faculties opining about women (but will also thankfully provide us "red pill professionals" life long employment).

There is, however, a problem.

If women weren't difficult enough to "figure out," things have gotten a lot more complicated over the past 50 years.  Because if "men of yore" couldn't figure out women over the millennia, modern day men have a whole new level of complexity to work through.  And this complexity comes from feminism.

I don't say "this complexity comes in the form of feminism" because feminism is the philosophical incentive, motivation, or drive to create the form, not the form itself.  But you are all too familiar with the form that feminism has manifested itself in - the IMMEASURABLE amounts of time, labor, resources, and economics that has been spent over the past 50 years propagandizing, and ultimately warping modern day women.

From school to media to government to affirmative action to college to careers to Corporate America to fashion to even psychology, nearly every facet, aspect, segment and industry within the western world has either in part of fully dedicated INCREDIBLE amounts of resources and economics to turning women into something they're simply not.  Women shouldn't be mothers, they should be workers. They shouldn't be providers, they should be tax payers.  They shouldn't be feminine, they should be masculine.  They shouldn't be women, they should be men.  The tragedy of psychologically eliminating women from society is only outdone by the irony that "feminism" absolutely loathes, detests, and wishes to eradicate femininity.

But this issue revisits our discussion before about economics - how much precisely has been spent on indoctrinating women to go against their genetic code and become men?  And an even more important question - how much in resources do you think uncoordinated men can muster individually against such a well-financed feminist-war machine?

There is no way to measure it to the penny, but the amount of economics spent on brainwashing women into non-women is easily within the trillions.  The amount in education spending alone is within the trillions as hundreds of millions of women have gone through decades of education with nearly a trillion per year spent on K-college education.  Not all of that is feminist propaganda of course (I'm sure 40 cents was spent on reading, writing and arithmetic), but over the past 40 years my economic eye estimates easily multiple trillions of dollars (in today's money) has been spent by the education industry on the past two generations of women to turn them into non-women.

There's the media which, even pre-dating Oprah, has promoted women becoming non-women.  Be it The View, Oprah herself, Hollywood, the MSM, online rags like Salon, or the numberless number of non-profits that promote feminism in some form, nearly ALL of media is telling women to become a Captain Marvel and not a June Cleaver.  Here again you could argue trillions in actual financial dollars was spent brainwashing women in western media. But I would argue the non-monetary value of propaganda carries more economic value than the dollars spent themselves as it forms women's life goals and dreams, forcing them in turn to spend their entire life resources on feminist-dictated life goals.

Corporate America is a SPECTACULAR feminist success.  Women are not only going into trillions of dollars in student loan debt to pursue a career, but will waste their youth commuting, parking, getting CPE, all to climb that Cheryl Sandberg corporate ladder.  The money women make alone also generates trillions in tax dollars for the governments.  And let's not forget the trillions spent over the years on outsourcing their children to other government, feminist friendly institutions such as day care, schools, pre-k, and at times the juvenile justice system.

Corporate America also grants women purchasing power and financial independence.  One would hope they would spend that money on a 401k, IRA, and sensible housing, but sadly the fashion industry cashes in on this feminist-inspired financial boon as well.  With (more like only) "hundreds of billions" in "rah-rah-you-go-girl-ism" advertising, the fashion industry can quickly part these fools women from their money to buy shoes, handbags, trinkets, "flirtini's," overpriced luxury apartments, and the Sex and the City lifestyle they were promised on TV.  And since men aren't needed, companies like Target are now aggressively promoting plus size models because 'beauty has no number." Matter of fact beauty is on the inside, so women can now self-mutilate their bodies with piercings and tattoos (though this is only a $3 billion a year industry).

And then there's the psychology/pharmaceutical industry.  If at anytime trying to be something your not starts to take its toll or your "Masters in Creative Writing" doesn't land you a 6 figure job, but your 6 figure student loan debts *might* be causing some stress, that's alright, you can just pop a pill.  Popping a pill so much in fact that 1 in 4 women are on anti-depressants (that's just ONE drug, I was too lazy to care to look up statistics on others).  Again, I'm too lazy to look up the stats, but billions in economic resources more is also spent here to propagate the feminist narrative...or at least keep women from waking up to it.

I could go on, but when you add up the totality of what society spends in its entirety both in terms of financial and non-financial resources to brainwash women with feminism, and you compare that to the paltry amount the entire red pill community could possible muster to counter that, you'll quickly realize this is like the Somali pirates trying to take on the USS Ronald Reagan.  The red pill community, no matter how right, simply doesn't have the resources to counter the trillions of dollars and the trillions of hours and the decades of years that have been invested brainwashing today's women into being non-women

Equilibrium is a Bitch

But as is always with economics, the Law of Equilibrium is always upheld.  And while women may have been brilliantly and successfully propagandized into being non-women, there is a cost and a consequence.  Because no matter how many trillions in resources, trillions of hours, and decades of propaganda have been invested into turning women into non-women, genetics and biology will never go away.  And truth be told, women's genetics and biology is more powerful than all the government money in the world.  So when these two forces collide

- the trillions in economics spent on propagandizing women into feminism


- genetic reality

like a meteor hitting a planet a massive explosion takes place. 

This explosion manifests itself in a horrifically tearing and painful situation for women.  It pits women's biological reality against a totalitarian-and-forced propagandized reality.  And so women are unfortunately forced to choose between what their body and instincts are telling screaming at them, versus what the ENTIRE AUTHORITATIVE WORLD is demanding of them.  And here I truly feel sad for them because it's an impossible situation.

Though anecdotal, you can ask any psychologist or therapist who talks to young women today and they will say when all the puffing of their feminist chests are gone, these girls sheepishly admit all they want is to get married and have children.  Some will even say they don't want to go to college, but do so because their parents, teachers, and society forces them to.  And you don't even need to eavesdrop on therapists' anecdotes, I'm sure many of you have ran into a drunk woman who in her moment of weakness-inspired-truth confesses she really just wants to get married and have kids.

But what is interesting, as well as it is telling AND INSTRUCTIVE, is which side the majority of modern day women inevitably choose.  Yes, some rare women have the strength and courage to truly be independent minded, deciding to be a stay at home mom or a supporting wife.  But unfortunately, most go with the hive.  Most go with their synthesized feminist programming.  Most do not exercise critical thinking and let society do the thinking for them.  They choose the world feminism has bludgeoned them to choose.  And since this goes against their genetic programming, they now have a life of living in denial.

Living in denial has major costs and consequences, namely psychological damage.  And you can see this in the contradictory (and what I can only assume to be "maddening") behaviors of women.

For example the party girl who goes out partying with her girlfriends, has her bitchshields up, rejects the advances of nearly every man to get an arrogance-high...but then cries herself to sleep at night because she can't find a man.

The college-educated careerist who has to know how menopause works and must know the basics of "the biological clock," ...yet waits until her youth and beauty (and thus ability to attract a man) is all but gone to freeze her eggs, resorting to a surrogate birth mother to MAYBE have a child at 53.

There's the quarterly story of a woman who decides to marry a pirate ghost, her dog, her cat, a ferris wheel, or perhaps herself because she just "can't find a man."

Nearly every young woman now ships off to college, most of which will major in a completely worthless subject while incurring crippling levels of debt, making the whole endeavor not pointless, but damaging.  She will forever be confused why she isn't making enough to just get by as her student debts compound exponentially, consequently lessening her chances of finding a quality man who would ever bail her out of such a mistake.

Perhaps my favorite, where you really see genetics duking it out with feminism is where women WILL partially adhere to their biology and have a child...but in 80% of the cases will abandon the child to go back to work.  Bravo feminism, you made commutes, cubicles, and taxes more appealing than raising your own children.

And another instance where genetics gets into the ring with feminism, but loses in the end is where women will have children...but 43% of the time it's out of wedlock.  I'm sure there's no psychological damage or problems in broken, non-nuclear homes.

We could go on with instances where women either swallow the feminist propaganda whole or try to hybrid it by having their cake and eating it too, but the result is a life of misery, insanity, delusion, and depression.  But what it also is, is a life of contradiction.  Because while they're living the life they've been told to, they are not living the life they want to.  Yet at the same time, since they put their lot in with Team Feminism, they need to rationalize away this contradiction.  Otherwise they have to admit to themselves that their entire life, their entire efforts, all their education, all their entire existence on this planet as been a mistake, and they will have to start all over again at square one.  And it is this contradiction that adds a thick, impenetrable, impossible level of insanity.

An impenetrable level of insanity you boys must figure out if you're ever to be successful with modern day women.

Not My Mess.  Not My Problem.

Previous to feminism, women already spoke a completely different language than men.  Frustrating as that may have been for the "men of yore" over the millennia, it was also what made women cute, endearing, lovely, and charming to us.  It was a game to play.  A flirt to master.  A spar to win.  But now in addition to woo-master and charmer, it's your job to play....

political scientist,
male feminist,
gym rat,
gamer, and

all to sift through the psychological, insane bullshit and get to what she really wants.

Worse, women are not the only ones propagandized into feminism.  Men have been fed an equal diet of BS about how women like "sensitive, caring men," "be yourself," and "support women" which GREATLY handicapped and cost us in our youth.  No doubt many of you men had a long, arduous journey to deprogram yourself from the lies of feminism, and it's even debatable as to whether you have any energy left to now tackle this impossible task ahead of you today.  Regardless, the point is whether it's worth your time and effort to not only already figure women out on their "basic" genetic level, but to unpack their true desires out of the miles-deep, feminist-created propaganda and insanity. 

And I would argue no.

Not only are men woefully outgunned and out-organized in this war, we simply aren't equipped to handle what is essentially a nation-wide, culture-wide mental illness.  I already have a hard enough time being a ballroom dancing, mountain hiking, motorcycling economist.  I do not have the training nor inclination to be a therapist, psychologist, sociologist, strategist, or pick up artist.  Additionally, there just isn't enough time in the day for your average man to go to school, go to work, make a living, pay the bills, pay taxes, save up for retirement AND invest what is required to become a triple-doctorate in female psychology and sexuality to bend over backwards for women to "finally" figure out what they want a bring it to the surface.  It was hard enough to get women to go out with you when they liked men.  Now that they are competitors (at best) or adversaries (at worst) against men, each man must really sit and think about whether you'll get an acceptable ROI on your individual economics should you pursue women today.   

Why Cappy is Wrong

Yet at the same time, I am philosophically wrong.  Because we can talk philosophically about ROI all day or do you want to "go ghost" or "MGTOW," but in the end, just as women's genetic and biological hardwiring is undeniable, so are yours.  And while the majority of women prefer to stick their heads in the sand when it comes to this reality, at least men acknowledge we want women, we desire women, and its the most important thing we want in life.  It's why men in the Red Pill community may be beleaguered and embattled, but at least we're sane compared to our female counterparts.  Therefore, acknowledging this reality, it is YOUR responsibility to unpack her desires because if you don't, who will?  But if you're going to embark and this herculean task, do it wisely.

This is where Red Pill community provides incredible value, because even though the journey will be long and arduous, there's at least the path painted for your inevitable success.  Stalwarts such as Roosh, Rollo, the Red Man Group, Cooper, Popp, and many, many others have spent THOUSANDS of hours researching, theorizing, opining, assessing, failing, trial-and-erroring, and ultimately deriving strategies and tactics that at best "kinda work."  Better still, you won't have to master all the shoes of "psychologist, therapist, sociologist, PUA, gym rat, etc." just to suss out "what women really want."  There are better, more efficient, more effective tactics that work, even if you need to mine through 5,000 feet of feminist granite insanity.

But if you're going to ignore the red pill, or perhaps write it off as the hate group it's not, or just dismiss it thinking you'll be able to navigate the insane world of conflicted female nature, be prepared for not only failure, but a world of hurt.  Your genetics and biological hard-wiring condemn us all to the pursuit and desire of women.  And unless you're one of the few truly individualistic men who can go old-school-MGTOW, you and everybody else are going to go up against a much larger, better-financed, better-equipped, and better-organized enemy.  It is perfectly acceptable, even moral and self-respecting to refuse to help women out of a mental illness they inflicted upon themselves.  But if you're going to fling yourself on the insane Omaha Beach of modern women, I suggest you at least train, if not master the red pill before doing so.
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Anonymous said...

Captain, here's a challenger for you to debunk:
(Carlylean Restorationist)

It's a NRx-affiliated blogger who claims to be criticizing capitalism from a right-wing, authoritarian position. You might find some of his arguments interesting, if only to give you some food for thought for your next posts. Would be beneficial if you could thrash his arguments.

David said...

Excellent article Captain. The economic argument for winning wars is a great insight.

An interesting exception to this rule from history is the various barbarian invasions of civilizations with the notable example of the Mongols - whom interestingly enough are known to be very genetically successful - is there a lesson there?

And it would be a fascinating analysis though, to compare the economies of Rome vs Carthage during the Punic wars. Maybe the economic argument has a greater weighting in industrialized economies?

Anonymous said...

Nah. Time to cut our losses. No sanity means no dates, no attention, and no resources. Let the psychos rot in their own self-created hell. Women can only attention whore on the internet so long as they are hot. The oldest, ugliest, worst possible men can get their rocks off to porn all the way to their deathbed. If a good woman comes along, put that shit on lock. Otherwise, don't give the psychos the time of day.

Joe BLow said...

Clausewitz recognized the importance of a strong economy in warfare. It's on his list of desirable qualities a country should have, right next to National Will, a large population, etc.

Anonymous said...

These articles are consistently the best in the Red Pill Community. It's just that simple. I've been in the community since the early 2000's and have never left a single comment on any website, ever. This is the only blog I have ever read that has prompted me to want to buy a book. If the thoughts and transmissions in the books are as great as the writing on the blog these are the only books on the internet worth the money.

Mr. M. said...

The pirate ghost link is down but marrying a pirate ghost may not be that crazy. After all their assets will be combined. So when someone finds his buried treasure she can lay claim to it.

Anonymous said...

how are you sane ?