Saturday, April 27, 2019

The Clarey Podcast Weekend Double Header

Due to backed up articles of insane people and fan mail, Cappy does two episodes in one day of The Clarey Podcast and Asshole Consulting Live, starring Chad Elkins.

The Clarey Podcast - The "Stupid People" Episode includes:

Stupid People
Feminist Restaurant Closes in Oz
Cuckservative Fathers' Raising Insufferable Feminist Cuyuntahahhaaas
Fan Mail.

Podcast here
MP3 here
YouTube here

Asshole Consulting Live - The "Elkins Supremacy" Episode includes:

"Super Chads"
IT Virgins
Sigma Six is BULLSHIT

Podcast here
MP3 here
YouTube here


heresolong said...


How does one find out in advance that you are doing a podcast with Chad? I seem to find out about them when you post them, and yet somehow people are listening and super-chatting away. I am hoping, at some point, to get in on the super-chats as I have a question for Chad.

As a side note, I think you should only do the Older Brother Podcast when you have someone else on board. The solo ones just come across as bonus episodes on the Clarey Podcast.

A Texan said...

I have to disagree with your advice to the 38 year old about an engineering degree. As a Gen Xer with a couple of them, I can't say it's the road to riches or job security. The salaries on an inflation adjusted basis are flat; a low 60's k salary is no better than the low 40'sk of the late 90's. That's with experience as well. You also stuck in corporate Amerika.