Monday, April 22, 2019

How to Find a Woman Who Can Cook

You are asking for the impossible in today's women.
Instead you should simply try to find a traditional woman and have her learn to cook.


Double Tapper said...

"Their mothers never taught them," standard refrain. I say there are many things "their mothers never taught them" that they learn to do because they wish to do so.....

liberranter said...

Heck, most of us guys today can cook better in our sleep than the best of these twats can by putting all of their effort into it.

If she can't cook decently by the time she graduates high school, odds are that she's untrainable at it, and that even if you COULD train her, she would see it as an onerous chore to be endured rather than an act of creative love. Here in the androsphere one often hears the phrase "make me a sammich, woman!" Frankly, I wouldn't WANT any "sammich" made by a woman who hates to prepare food and is only doing so out of a sense of coercion.

TL;DR version: If she can't cook, it means she hates being associated with anything traditionally regarded as "feminine" and is not only not worth pursuing, but should be actively avoided at all costs.

MGTOW said...

>2015 + 4
>still trying to get it on with foids

Take the blackpill, Aaron.