Monday, January 04, 2021

The Quickest Path to FU Money

You can take the course here.


mobius said...

Possum Living, Dolly Freed. 80s?
Before your time, maybe.
It didn't take off. As you say, everybody wants the bling.

Anonymous said...

Excelent podcast Mr Clarey.

Reminds me of an article from Early retirement extreme -->


HOSP said...

Working towards FU money with the Mrs and me. Our only debt at this time is the mortgage. Paid off the credit card debt, only use the cards if we need to purchase something online. Pay cash for everything else we need to buy. Christmas was fairly minimal for us, we purchased with cash some needs and wants for the chillins, but no debt. Hopefully, in the next 2-4 years we will downsize from our current home, to a lower price area to possibly rent or buy (chillins will be leaving)? The goal is to have no mortgage so we can possibly downsize our work schedules. Our current house needed some upgrades, so we used some of our cash and took out a small loan to cover the renovation expenses. Nothing crazy, just want the house to be able to get the best price we can. Home prices exploded over the past year in our neck of the woods, so, we want to cash in before things get spicy and implode. Worked in home construction in 2005-06, and saw that bubble, but got out before it went kaboom. To much craziness then, similar to today.