Monday, January 18, 2021

The Cartel That Worked Too Well

A cartel, if you didn't pay attention in Econ 101, is a group of companies, governments, or institutions that control the global production of a particular good or commodity (oil, drugs, cars, wheat, etc.).  And in order to make more money, these individual entities work in concert to limit the supply of the good they produce to increase prices, thus netting the more profit.  In essence, a multi-member monopoly.  Cartels are considered a bad thing by most economists because they eliminate competition, lessen innovation, and increase costs for consumers, lowering every one's standards of living. 

However, cartels are not infamously relegated to commodities like oil, drugs, or even silver. And it is here you may want to set this article aside or opt not to read further because we're going to talk about the most expensive, in-demand, and sought after commodity in ALL THE HISTORY of the world:


(And no, as an economist I am not joking.  It is the most expensive commodity in the world.  And if you don't like that, you can leave and go read something else)

Like it or not, the fact still remains that pussy

has been
and always will be

the most sought after and valuable commodity in the world.  And the reason why is simple.  HALF the global population demands it more than anything else.  And that half also happens to produce the majority of economic production in the world, making them the richest half of the world, giving them the purchasing power to drive prices up. 

In the past "pussy" was regulated under laws, religion, and social mores that in order to "purchase" it you had to commit a significant amount of resources to do so.  You usually had to get married first.  You had to take vows in front of society and your god that you would provide for her.  And women were chaste/wise enough to know not flood the market with it unless said resources were attached.  And not just attached, but attached to an individual man making it more of a woman's own personal monopoly, rather than part of a larger collective whole.

But several sociological, economic, and political trends/events have radically changed this market, resulting in an effective "pussy cartel," not too unlike OPEC or the drug cartels.

First, technology has made it so that manual labor is no longer the main form of labor, but instead intelligence and skills.  This has allowed women to enter the labor force because they do not need to "till the fields" as much as they are needed to "code," "do taxes," or "open heart surgery."  This has allowed women to support themselves financially, unanchoring them from men, and replacing the transactional nature of sex to that of volunteerism.

Second, upon getting the right to vote, women (very generally) have voted in a welfare state that acts as insurance against poverty, hunger, and homelessness not just for them, but for their children as well.  This further removes women from being dependent upon men, perhaps fully removing their dependency on men in total, as men (across the west) have effectively been replaced by a government check.

Third, the political movement of feminism has not only approved and sanctified these changes, but also provided women with the logic or philosophy as to why this should be so.  It even goes so far as to take what traditionally gave women purpose and value in life (a husband and a family) and replace it instead with a political-economic ideology of individualism, hyper-education, careerism, leftist politics, and sadly a strange obsession with merely being born female.

But perhaps what has accelerated the formation of an effective "pussy cartel" the most has been the internet.  In being able to communicate instantly and with nearly all women, women have been allowed to rapidly form allegiances, alliances, and otherwise "groups," based on various principles and rules when it comes to interacting with men.  And while this "market" or "price" signaling occurred well before the internet (for example the book "The Rules" was written in 1995 and Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and other women's magazines have LOOOONG been coalescing women's thoughts as a group), women as a group have unconsciously formed a cartel in these post-traditional times.  And though women may not have a headquarters like OPEC does, or be as overt about it by forming a publicly-known entity, their behavior as a whole can be perfectly described as a cartel and there are consequences for it.

However, it is here we must make a distinction in how cartels can profit.

The traditional way a cartel makes money is it takes a fungible commodity (oil, cocaine, silver, wheat) and limits the supply of that commodity.  But another way cartels can profit is by lowering the quality of the commodity.  They cut costs, they don't refine the oil as well, or they cut the cocaine with baking soda.  So the volume they supply the market with may remain the same, but the quality is much, much lower, netting them more profit just the same.

Women have pursued this second strategy in their cartel.

With the women's liberation movement, the advent of birth control, and the elimination of the stigma associated with sleeping around, there is no doubt women are having more sex with more men than say in 1955.  But if you've compared the women of today to the women of 1955 you can see a DRASTIC drop in the quality.

Most notable is the obesity rates among women.  And not just obesity rates, but the delusional and mentally-ill pride that comes with being fat.  In my research for "The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women," I found that 60% of YOUNG WOMEN are overweight.  This is 60% of women between 18-35 who are fat, and by the unbreakable laws of male nature, unattractive.  Still, demand for pussy is so high and inelastic, like heroin addicts, desperate men will settle for any form of heroin, no matter how low grade, if nothing better is available.  And thus, women acting as a cartel, getting fat as a group in unison, nets women (as a whole) a profit in that they no longer have to expend resources on dieting, working out, or looking pretty.

You can also see the degradation on online dating profiles.  50 years of a heavily skewed female-bias in society (with no counter or correction from men as they're nearly all addicted to pussy) has resulted in some women with completely delusional expectations.  These delusional expectations are highlighted on the sub-reddit "Where Are All the Good Men" where (presumably) men lampoon the insane demands of women.  Single mothers demanding a man "step up" and take care of another man's crotchfruit.  Obese women demanding an athletic man.  Short, aposematistic, tatted up girls demanding a man be 6'0" or taller.  And perhaps the most delusional of them all - pregnant women saying "mother of 3 kids with one on the way" thinking they should be dating.

Admittedly, these are no doubt selected for their insanity and are not representative of women as a whole, but their mere existence shows women as a whole are acting as a cartel and DRASTICALLY lowering their quality for these profiles to even exist in the first place....though, again...thirsty, addicted men keep on buying.

And then there is just the complete inability of women to marry.  Also in my research for "The Book of Numbers," I tried to estimate the percent of the young, female population that was marriageable.  And among three methods I used, the "Deal Breaker Method" was particularly insightful.  Using polling data, correlation studies, and other information, I tried to calculate the percent of women from 18-35 who had no serious deal breakers. Things like uncurable STD's, another man's kid, obesity, etc.   And the result was shocking.

A paltry 1.25% of women between the ages of 18-35 are even remotely marriageable, and this says nothing of personality or chemistry that is required to fall in love. 

However, we didn't go from June Cleaver in 1955 to Tess Holliday in 2020 by accident.  Political forces, political philosophies, genuine social changes, education systems, even corporate marketing was purposely designed to sell women a new value structure that would give their lives meaning.  And this was a largely inward-looking value system where women derived value from their education, career, and politics more than they did the external love of men.  Of course, because of genetics, biology, and the momentum of society, women nominally still wanted to get married, but absolutely NO training was given as to how to become a good wife.  Thus instead of a loving, sweet, kind, supporting, svelte wife, men are now faced with a pool of "strong independent women" who "don't need no man," who value their careers above all else, have no problems outsourcing their children to day care, and very likely value their politics more than they love their husbands(...oh....and they have $200,000 in student loan debt for their "Journalism" degree).  And even though this batch of marital cocaine is 98% baking soda and 2% coke, the inelastic demand for pussy compels men to settle for this low-grade drug...because...well...come on.  It's pussy!

These forces form the courtship market we have today.  And while women may be celebrating their cartel's economic victory over men, ne'er having to expend a calorie of energy to make their product more attractive to the addicts that will buy it anyway, a weird bifurcated market with two distinct sub-markets has resulted.  And as is with all laws of economics, there has to be equilibrium.  There is a price to pay.

The first market is the one that has been with us since the dawn of time and the one we've been talking about.  Sex.  Whatever cute political trends or ideologies over the past 50 years may have been, it doesn't undo 200,000 years of human evolution and instinct.  Men still want sex.  They'll do nearly anything to get it.  And whereas in the past men used prostitution as the most direct and economic way to get it, the advent of the internet has allowed for digital prostitution through the myriad of porn sites, "Fan's Only" pages, and sugar daddy sites that euphemstically mask what is nothing short of prostitution. Heck, you can even get "the girlfriend experience" in many cities today.  Sex sells.  Pussy is the world's most in demand commodity.  And no matter how society dresses it up, the sex market will forever be with humanity.

The second market is another market that has been with humanity since recorded history - marriage.  And though it is a dying market, women's biology and society's traditional momentum compel - at least a part of them - to want to get married.  And while it may have been all fun and games, delivering low grade tail to desperate thirsty men, even subscribing to a life-ideology that ridiculed your clients, even going so far as to make money on this new-fangled internet by showing some bobs and vageen, when you want to leave the sex market and go onto the marriage market, all those forces mentioned before have completely ruined your product and brand, and no quality guy (anyway) is going to want it.

And thus "The Tidal Wave of Spinsters Cometh."

I am not going to argue about how women control the pussy market and men control the commitment market.  That is long established and I think understood by every one. 

What I want to introduce here is that the cartel women formed has been so successful that it destroys any chance or hope they have of being successful in the marriage market.  Because while men are desperate for pussy, they are not desperate for marriage.  And while the cartel has worked BRILLIANTLY allowing women to lessen their investment in their brand, thus increasing their "profits" in the sexual market, that lower investment has utterly destroyed their brand on the marriage market, rendering nearly all of them completely unmarriageable.  

That's very nice you believed the "healthy at any size" campaign Cosmopolitan Magazine put out to sell you more worthless feminist-prop.  I'm sure the occasional desperate man you managed to have sex with fooled you into thinking sex = commitment and you could find a husband at any time.

You can't.

That's very nice you followed an ideology that was antagonistic, perhaps even villainizing against men.  I'm sure the "male feminists" with their noodle soy boy arms, agreeing with you all the time just to get some pussy-crack convinced you you could marry any time with an anti-male ideology.

You can't.

And that's very nice you think your career, education, and leftist politics is what gives you value in life and not love.  Oh, and that $175,000 in student loans you bring to the table?  I bet you think that won't impede your chances at marriage or love.  You think you can walk down the aisle during "your day?"

You can't.

Sure, someday, you all might get married, but none of you will be happy about it because only losers are going to commit to the low-grade brand your cartel formed you to be.  And there's an 86% chance you'll either be divorced or miserable.

But perhaps the worst part of "the cartel that worked too well" is its auto-immune function.  So successful has this cartel worked, and so thorough and complete has the socio-political-ideological programming/indoctrination worked on women, practically none of them will turn their backs on the cartel.  One, because they do not want to face buyers remorse.  Two, it's a daunting and incredibly scary prospect that you have not only wasted your entire life on an erroneous ideology, but need to start from scratch again at 35.  And three, to successfully fall in love and find a man (presuming you want this) requires selflessness and sacrifice, the least of which is acknowledging there is a counterparty to this negotiation. And that counter party is going to primarily demand physical beauty, which again is a daunting and deterring prospect because of the work involved in being physically beautiful. 

And so when you consider these powerful forces:

  1. women's crippling fear of hitting the gym and dieting
  2. women's fully indoctrinated ideology where they don't need men
  3. women's substitute value-system where all value is internally derived, 
  4. society profiting off of women by lying to them that they are beautiful just the way they are, and
  5. the sexual market where women misread men's demand for sex as a measure for their marriage value

it is a near-guarantee that the majority of young women today and into the future will never put any effort into their marriage brand, and instead reside with the cartel for all of their fertile years.  The majority of women will waste their youth, not staying in shape or becoming comely to attract a man they might truly love, but will instead succumb to the sweet-tasting lies that they are "amazing" and "beautiful" just the way they are and men are "sexist" or "fatphobic" for not wanting them.  All of this will be reinforced with the echo-chamber of men thirsty for sex, especially over social media.  And instead of understanding that true value, true meaning in life comes from the external love from others, they will derive their value from the hallow leftist religion of worthless liberal arts degrees, student debt, soulless careers, and feminism.  You will witness the largest generation of spinsters the world has ever seen and it will not be pretty.

Sadly, the cartel worked UNIMAGINABLY well.  So well it destroyed (and will continue to destroy) generations of young women's lives.  And while men are no doubt at the receiving end of all this propaganda, being falsely accused of sins they never committed, even being shamed for not liking fat chicks, do not rejoice in their spinsterhood.  Pity them instead, and enjoy the decline.


Check out the book
"The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women"




liberranter said...

And then there is just the complete inability of women to marry.

No, plenty of women can GET married. That's easy. The epidemic failure lies in the fact that most of them cannot STAY married.

Anonymous said...

Women's withhold strategy backfires in another way. They spend their youth working, studying and socializing with other women. They never learn how to be in a relationship They think SATC and the bachelorette shows are real. They think there is no such thing as rejection unless the man is gay. They think dating is testing a man and a scowl is better than a smile.

Anonymous said...

These tubby thots literally bit off more than they can chew

Tucanae Services said...

The pictures, two words: Land Whale

leeholsen said...

cappy, i bought, downloaded and read that book. my solution for those that can find a woman they actually want to marry amongst the hippos, tattted up and fimenazis we have today is a prenup and it needs to be well thought out. you do not pay off debts, you have an escalating schedule so a woman doesnt get 50% for making it 3 months with you and 25% should be your max if you have any money going in and kids expenses are split 50% in they divorce. anything short of something as harsh as that and you walk away, i do not care if she looks like jennfer aniston. it is not worth 1/2 your money.

Anonymous said...

Jesus... I've been noticing all of this but to put it together like this makes me want to cry for my son.

Me, I'm 54 and quite content to workout, travel and spend my free time making shit for sale in my shop. When I feel the need, I make the exchange then send them on their way. Its too bad. it all could have been so good.

Demet said...

Yes. So it is. But who says that women have been happy ever before? Or that women who are skinny are more happy and even get better men. Where? Unfortunately the tide has turned. Yes. As a man I wouldn't want one of these women or girls from today. But then, I also wouldn't want any of the men from today. No manners. Only entitlement. The whole Sex-market has become a cartell and leaves everybody unhappy. Not only the fat girls. I think, women today are even better off than men, even if they are fat. Like every market, it is all a question of offer and demand. And there is more demand than offer. And women know that. They don't need a man for survival anymore, which is a good thing.

David said...

This is why we desperately need another Great Depression where hard times create hard people.

Bill said...

*slow clap*

Jim S said...

"Pity them instead, and enjoy the decline." Nah, I am not going to pity them at all, they don't deserve any empathy or sympathy. I reserve that for people who have had terrible things happen to them, not by their choosing, and I may want to help them with a hand up. If you can't push yourself away from the donut cart, then you deserve what you get. Fat. That includes the male species too. It's hard work to stay physically in shape. In our "Age of Decadence" people have forgotten to do the hard work, and the results are easy to be seen everyday. This will speed up the decline towards collapse. It will be throughout western civilization, not just the good'ol US of A. The people who survive the decline, are the ones who do the hard work past, present, and future, not these fatties.

Todd Ehlers said...


This is as good or even better than "Sanity is the Future of Wealth."

Gut-punching truths at every turn.

My strongest recommendation and congratulations.

Unknown said...

This is why I consider companies that make cat toys or raise fine box wines as prime investment choices. Just think of the amount of spare cash these over 40s have to throw at kitty while helicopter parenting their ersatz children inbetween bouts of weekend spritzers.

A Texan said...

It's wrong to fat shame overweight people; they have enough on their plate.

Unknown said...

Got into one of those Facebook pissing matches over the new tranny that Biden selected for HHS with a woke fatty and she compared me to a Ken doll because she felt I was so plastic and phony. I was going to mock her with something like “are you or your husband the tranny” until I dug a bit further and realized that her husband actually IS a female to male tranny. I wondered, are there not enough Black guys for the fat white chicks to fuck anymore so now they are actually “building” their mates?

Unknown said...

Women threw the baby out with the bathwater.

Freedom, rights.....all given (not earned) without an ounce of responsibility expected.

The state will bail them out if a man won't.

I have seen this too many times to count.

Women (esp single "mothers") are eligible for all manner of freebies.

A man...even a "father"......not so much. In fact, he will get a gun to his head if he doesn't pay up.

This article is required reading for all men, at all ages.

I would suggest women read it also, but they won't listen. Cappy knows this as well.