Tuesday, January 26, 2021

You Can't "Mentor Her" if Passing Wisdom from Male to Female is "Mansplaining"

As I age and increasingly see the world for what it is, I am shocked at how the disparate sex drives and mens' insatiable hunger for "vageen" shield women not just from the harsher realities of life (war, engineering, hard labor, etc.), but from reality itself.  And in a constant bid to impress or woo women, billions of men over thousands of years, have denied women learning reality and how the real world works.

This epiphany came into clearer focus when I did this video about how car heaters work, as most women will simply turn on the heat, full blast, when the car is not even warm, thus creating a painful "windchill" to an already-freezing car.  The anecdotal stories in the comments section were humorous and interesting, but this one shows the economic and societal costs of keeping an entire group of people in the dark, and the burden men foist upon themselves in worshipping at the Altar of Vageen.

"A friend of mine works in the coldest part of Sweden. 

He works as a technology support for a company that sells mobile phones, among other things. Every winter when it is extra cold, his most common job is to help women whose mobile phones have died of cold. from the beginning he explained to these women that, the mobile is out when it is minus 35 degre, then the battery will die and that there are no faults on your mobile.  

After their new boss took over, he was not allowed to say this as it was considered "Mansplaining" So now he has to take in the mobile and then give it back and say that it is fixed."

Further supporting the point is another comment from my video titled "The 'Girl Flaked on Me Retirement' Program" where I suggested that when men get stood up, they take the money they would have spent on the date and invest it instead in the S&P 500 via their IRA or 401k.  The resulting number would be around $300,000 by the time you're 65, depending on how many women you ask out.  But also in the comment section, a young man went to his various dating accounts and text messages and listed the excuses women gave when they decided to flake.  They were laughable as they were telling:

"These are all adult women, at least 18 years old, several well into their 20's and some who attended top universities.  

"Something came up. Are you available next week?"
"Can we possibly reschedule I had an allergic reaction to something I ate.”
"I had a nail appointment that got overbooked so my nails aren’t done lol."
"I understand that we agreed upon meeting at 1130pm today. However, I feel a little unsafe going out into the city that late. Is there any way to do it earlier on another day that is convenient for you? Sorry for the trouble."
"There was a family emergency that needed my full attention."

"I'm sorry, it's my friend's birthday tonight, can we meet Sunday night?"
"My car is undriveable, I was going to use my brother's car (I live with my brother) but he left with is [sic] car, so I can't drive down."
"I am also going through some difficult personal stuff." <== many variations of this one
"My dog is sick."
"My phone died."

"I only have 2 dollars in my bank account and my EZ Pass doesn't work anymore."

"I had a nail appointment that got overbooked so my nails aren’t done lol."
"After consideration, I really do not feel comfortable meeting this late. If you are real and genuinely want to meet, I'd appreciate meeting half-way by meeting during daytime hours if/when you're next able to."
"I apologize for getting to you so late, but I got out of work really late. Would we be able to meet at another time?"

"Hi I’m so sorry but something came up and I won’t be able to make it tonight. Thanks for making the time to see me!"

"Actually I can't do today. I have a presentation tomorrow. And I need to work on it. I'm also busy tomorrow and Wednesday."

"You know what? I'm a little scared, i don't know you and you ask me a date at 11pm.. it's better if we meet tomorrow, same place but at 3.30pm. Ok?"

"Hi, I’m so sorry, but I’m actually not feeling very well! My stomach is upset and I think I’ll be staying in tonight; could we push to tomorrow?"

To be precise, such behavior is unacceptable.  Dismiss flaking as something "women just do," it is in reality lying, misleading an individual, wasting people's time, and deceitful.  But once again, because men want Vageen more than women want you, you tolerate, and thus condone and reinforce this immature behavior.

The result, whether it's never letting women figure out the heat itself, ne'er correcting them because they get upset, or allowing them to get away with childish, unacceptable behavior, is the paradox where you now have a significant percent of an entire group of people that are dysfunctional, yet want to be "mentored" or trained or lifted into positions of power and responsibility.  And this situation is impossible.

Try to explain how the heater works so that a girl doesn't suffer windchill?  That's "mansplaining."

Try to explain that a liberal arts degree is worthless?  That's not only "mansplaining" but somewhere in the western female mind that is also somehow construed as sexist, even though you're trying to prevent them from financial and professional ruin.

Do you have your own private life, or perhaps a past that is public, but some might find disagreeable?  Well the mature adult would say, "let them be, it's their life, I was young too."  No, a woman inculcated in this cocoon of you have a right not to be offended, will get you fired (a brilliant example of this is the story of Josh Denny, which you can hear on The Dick Show, starting at about the 45 minute mark).

And though I think it's a bit extreme, many young men today are afraid to ask a girl out in public as it's too aggressive and would be deemed "creepy" by today's internet/social media dating standards.  But I don't believe them too irrational, as I believe the day is within all our lifetimes that approaching a woman in public may be made illegal. 

The point is the overton window where men and women interact has been so warped and so far moved in the bias of women, it is increasingly becoming the case you are no longer even able to interact with women to get work, function, production, or achievement of a general goal done.  A floor of increasingly fragile eggshells that you must gingerly tiptoe around, spending more time ensuring you don't offend a precious snowflake, than being able to be blunt, empirical, and efficient, so that both men AND women will advance in their endeavors.  

This does not bode well for the future of society.  Men will have to put on ever-increasingly padded gloves in their interactions with women, and (through victimhood brainwashing) women will become increasingly prone to offense as the minorest and minorest of things, to the point we will no longer be able to function in society.  And to a certain extent this has already happened as many western nations are failing in their simplest human requirement - a continuation of the species.  But understand why this is happening.  It is because men as a group place Bobs and Vageen ahead of reality, even to theirs and society's detriment.  Women can be objectively wrong, but you will allow them to live in that delusion because you want "Da Vageen."  As Bill Burr so brilliantly said,

"Women are surrounded by this tornado of misinformation and nobody corrects them because we want to fuck them."

As a libertarian I am a strong advocate of treating women as true equals.  I make sure they have just as many rights as men, and make equally sure they bear the responsibilities that come with those freedoms.  But for every "me" there's a thousand men who will give women the pussy pass, denying them the harsh treatment of reality that would have otherwised forged them into the ideal equals we're all aspiring to.  And though it would be nice if men started holding women to the standards they hold their bros up to, we all know nature will prevent this.

Thus, you and future men need to understand, that until we have an honest, come to Jesus meeting with women, this insanity will continue and strengthen.  Men and women will increasingly become oil and water, and assessing this reality will be vital to your success, even the prevention of you losing a career or even going to jail.

Know these risks.  Know what you face.  And buy the book below to ensure you do.


Anonymous said...

MGTOW is a legitimate route to go for young men nowadays.

liberranter said...

Denying women exposure to the harsher aspects of life in the real world worked fine when women were not considered or treated as equals and lived under the protection and authority of men. Now, however, that they demand treatment as equals and that the most powerful tier of men have given them that equality and concomitant freedom, human civilization cannot afford to let them continue to dwell in abject, delusion-fueled ignorance of how the real world functions, nor allow them to continue their inability to adapt to it.

It's like this, "ladies:" you want "equality" and the right to live as equals of men in the real world? Then listen up, pay attention, shut your mouths, and follow instructions. There ain't no such thing as "mansplaining" if you want to survive in the real world on your own. Otherwise, put yourself back under the authority of your husband, father, older brothers, uncles, or some other cognizant male authority figure and let THEM worry about the real world. You CANNOT have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

My take on it is, don’t fix a woman’s house, don’t fix her car, don’t help her, let her figure it out herself or pay a pro to do it. It’s sad but women just don’t appreciate it when you do things for them. So don’t . Let them pay $100 an hour to a pro.

A Texan said...

I'm almost 50 and have had women in their 40's and 50's give similar dumbass excuses. Damn shame a good chicken ranch is not a real thing near most cities.

David said...

Don't you know that we men must #mentorher and not mansplain at the same time? 🤷‍♂️

Post Alley Crackpot said...

"... now he has to take in the mobile and then give it back and say that it is fixed ..."

And he hasn't taken to modifying an electric cattle prod so it has an easily adapted cable for mobile phones, desk phones, and network connections?

Some engineering professional he is leaving those devices to chance instead of recognising the underlying problems with "static electricity" in the workplace! :-)

Anonymous said...

In post-soviet Siberia, woman explain heater for YOU.

Anonymous said...

All the men complaining about girls here are Americans.

Felix Bellator said...

Anonymous said, "All the men complaining about girls here are Americans." Where in the world do women not behave this way?