Saturday, January 23, 2021

The Epitome of a Leftist

I got this from an agent in the field.  He's been following the story more closely than me, but what I love about the multiple articles (if you take the time to read it), it shows the true nature of leftists.  NEVER take any responsibility, the laws don't apply to you, cheat, and then IF YOU EVER GET CAUGHT, IMMEDIATELY hide behind a trait you were born with OR chose to claim to have.  It reminds me of when liberal friends of mine made a significant amount of money as a realtor or some other 1099'er, didn't pay estimated taxes, and THEN CRIED BLOODY FUCKING MURDER that they had to pay taxes.

More observations from my Agent in the Field:

1. Lives in Bali for a year on an overstayed tourist visa (not sure how you're nomadic when you live in one place)
2. Thinks she doesn't have to pay taxes, because she doesn't earn money in Rupiah
3. Makes money by promoting illegal behavior (visa fraud)
4. Promotes it publically on twitter, and doubles down after a shitstorm that makes the  immigration office aware
5. Gets deported
6. Claims it was only because she's gay & black (and western media is repeating this nonsense)


A Texan said...

I'm guessing some of us over the next few weeks or so are going to evaluate some relationships.

I'm tired of leftist! Most of them, along with the GOPe self serving types, really need to be bulldozed alive into a trench, set on fire, and buried and that's still too nice of a fate for them.

What I could have had if not for a depreciating currency and confiscatory taxes so I can support corporate parasites and the illegals and the stupid poor.

Anonymous said...

Can I be frank and say something controversial? I don't think that Black American men are looking forward to her return. I would even say that most would prefer that the Indonesians keep her.

David Wholly said...

Now how do you like that? A black, alphabet woman being told to "check her privilege". That's just too funny. Well, for me. Not for her.

Anonymous said...

Ocamm's Razor says gay nigger bitches tend not to be conservative. Hmmm, no shit?

Anonymous said...

So many levels of stupid in this story. I've been to Bali many times and apparently she didn't notice that:

- Bali is in Indonesia,
- Indonesia is Muslim and Bali, while mostly Hindu, is still nearly as conservative as the Muslim rest of Indonesia,
- Once you leave the USA, you are no longer in the USA - so laws, cultural norms, etc. go out the window and you are merely a guest at the mercy of that country
- The Golden Rule applies to all human cultures - Do Unto Others... - but the converse is also true: piss off someone and they will cut your throat!

To not see this due to one's narcissism and entitlement is stunning but also not surprising for most leftists in my experience.

Honestly I would like to see research to see if a large swath of leftists are systematically low IQ. It would explain much. They spend their entire lives as walking and talking examples of Dunning-Kruger!