Monday, January 25, 2021

When The Sportsball Went "POOF!"

Oh nosies! 

Advertisers are pulling out of da Superbowlza!

What are the sportsballza owners going to do????


A Texan said...

Twas the hour before an NFL kick-off, when all through the country,
Hardly a patriotic person was watching, because of kneeling, selfish, and overpaid simian monkeys.
Their hatred for America, the flag, and for all the good that America stood,
was on full display, and those fans with the money, now understood.
These BLM communist hate all of us and we can't change that,
but we can take our money elsewhere,
and be had a better time than insulted with leftist political crap.
We came to be entertained, and take a break from the weekly grind,
but you will simply not allow us to have a good time.
We are not and ever 'da rasis', but you have forced our hand.
We will simply find better things to do on a Sunday afternoon.
So take heart oppressed players in your empty stadiums and reduced income to,
Good riddance and may every America hating sportsball player go bankrupt and soon.
Try making that kind of bank in Africa or Europe or anywhere, but it can only happen in
America where some dreams can still come true.

HOSP said...

The NFL peaked in the late 90's-2000's in terms of teevee audience. It's been a slow drip downward with some spikes up in terms of teevee. It's a mature and stale entertainment product. I use to have the Sunday Ticket from Directv (11 year subscriber), but cut that off in 2015, it was getting too expensive for the product. Haven't watched many "sportsball" games over the past 5 years (probably about 10, which is 10 to many, extremely boring). I have watched one game in 2020, the Stupor Bowl last February 2020. Have not missed it at all, frees up time to do other things that are more important in life. But, if it's your thing, enjoy the 3+ hours of teevee time.

David said...

Normally big corporations can't wait to throw millions for a 30 second ad spot for the Super Bowl. Normally it would make great business sense to advertise for the big game because hundreds of millions of people around the world would be watching the game.

When Coke, Budweiser and Doritos is sitting this game out, you know they must be expecting a huge drop off in television ratings for the game.

A Texan said...

I was never a baseball watcher either, but this is pathetic.