Monday, January 25, 2021

Newsom Will Reintroduce the Lock Down, Don't You Worry

I love how these governors keep jerking businesses and the public in general with their on-off lockdowns.

Sure, TODAY they lift the lock down.

But next month?  Next quarter?  Heck, California, it could be next week.

And this is why businesses and business owners might as well throw in the towel.  It's like trying to date a bipolar girl.  Sure she's fun and a great girlfriend TODAY, but what about tomorrow?  The day after?  How about next week.

I'm terribly sorry you California business owners voted in a democrat because it feels good.  But in voting in a democrat (trustfunder no less), you voted in an adult child who has ZERO experience running a business, and he really thinks it's just a matter of flipping a switch and you all have millions of dollars stored up to weather this COVID storm.  It is enjoyable watching you guys suffer what you brought upon yourselves.  Perhaps you could vote in another Ronald Reagan to be governor of California?

Oh, that's right.  I forgot.  You lack the intellectual strength to go against your little cult of socialism.

Oh well, enjoy the human feces in the streets.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately some Republican governors are guilty of this too. Oh and also let's print off 4 trillion dollars and massively increase the money supply in one year because MONEY PRINTER GO BRRRR!!!

David said...

All of these Democrat governors of blue states need not bitch about any budget shortfalls because of these perpetual lockdowns. Repeat after me. You can not tax economic inactivity.

Maniac said...

Nuisance lifts the bans, and Twitter suspended several prominent Antifa accounts. There must've been some sort of event that brought this about. What could it have possibly been?

Merlin said...

He's just trying to save his own skin. The California voters are trying to recall him. Once that's blown over, I'm sure he'll start back up again.

Hockeyguy said...

California is indeed turning into a third-world shithole, with tyrants like Newsome to blame. However, there's a bigger issue in play here, and that's the need to get the national economy/schools/sports running quickly again so that things improve under Biden and a Democratic congress. So, the elites and the establishment are going to open up and allow the booboise to resume their panem et circenses as long as we don't get any more funny ideas about voting for populism again.

However, a "new virus" and more lockdowns will certainly return if they sense that another populist event like a Trump victory or Brexit vote is imminent.