Tuesday, January 05, 2021

"I Can't Get Pregnant"

From an Agent in the Field:

"OH, I always like to share this story. This is the 100% truth; no bullshit; no exaggeration; no hyperbole. I dated this one chick who claimed she could not get pregnant. That she was molested as a child, by her uncle, and I guess her claim was that it messed up her insides and she was unable to ever have a child. So, we dated, and fucked for a while. Then she started seeing a doctor for some kind of problems, and she came to me with a claim that she was allergic to latex. I had, of course, been wearing condoms. So, I just told her, well, they make lambskin condoms, etc. She's like, "Fuck, i'm dealing with a genius here, it seems."  

Eventually, I caught the bitch cheating, sneaking a guy out the back door. (Probably trying to get him to impregnate her and try to trap me into thinking it's my baby, etc.) I dumped the bitch. (Story gets even crazier, as the psycho tried to claim that some guy had raped her - and with a baseball bat! wtf? All a ploy just to get me to talk to her again. One day, a damn rape hotline called me and told me that my ex-girlfriend had been raped by some guy and that she was so sad and really needed to talk to me. I said that's not my fucking problem. I still know her damn phone number and can call her if I wanted to. And, don't ever call me again!)  

Anyhow, about 6 months later, she had a random one-night stand with some guy, and she fucking got pregnant. Her one-night stand guy moved across the country and left her alone. She would go on to have 4 more fucking children - Ms. I can't get pregnant! And this might have been just a simple anecdote, except that I also knew another chick whose father and brother had molested when she was younger. She also constantly claimed that she was unable to get pregnant and have children. So, one night she had a threesome with two friends of mine. She got pregnant. She tried to pin it on her then-boyfriend but he got a fucking DNA test to prove it was not his fucking kid. Eventually she did DNA and found out that it was one of the guys in the aforementioned threesome. 

She tried to chase the father for years, claiming how in love she was, that she just had to have him, could not live without him, blah, blah. He did nothing for awhile, denied it was his kid, but eventually allowing the child in his life and paid child support, etc. but he never wanted to date or marry or be with that crazy bitch. (She eventually killed herself- shot herself in the heart, due to other reasons - severe back pain/surgeries didn't help, etc., and just generally crazy / bipolar, etc.)"

Now buy this damn book so you don't deal with this level of crazy.


Bill said...

Y I K E S !

Mike said...

I should be getting my hard copy of The Book of Numbers in the mail tomorrow. Looking forward to reading it!

David said...

Never ever take her word that she is on the pill or can’t get pregnant. Wrap up anyways! Family courts isn’t going to care that she lied before sentencing you to 18 years of baby jail.

CA3 said...

Pre-marital/extra-marital pregnancy is a commonly understood tactic primarily employed by moderate to low status females as part of marriage/provider entrapment strategy. With current social welfare and law enforcement policy it comes at zero risk for the female, even if she fails to secure her intended man. At least, I've thought red pill aware sites had done a damn thorough job of making their readers aware of it.

I've even put in the few minutes needed to confirm for myself some of the claims writers make by just doing my own web searches. I've indeed found craigslist and similar sites listings of people claiming to be pregnant women selling both their positive pregnancy tests and their urine to enable women to trick some otherwise oblivious guy into marrying them. I didn't need to go any further to confirm the truth.

Your agent in the field keeps some rather interesting friends and acquaintances. Every woman I've broken up with never even has a phone number to reach me at.

daniel_ream said...

Never, ever date a woman who says she was sexually abused as a child. There are no exceptions.

If it's true, she's been irreparably scarred by the experience in ways that make her dangerous to have any kind of contact with.

If she's lying, she's a sociopath willing to manipulate you with a horrendous sob story.

Anonymous said...

The only acceptable 3-way for a heterosexual man to participate in is two girls, one guy. Period.

Jeff said...

I have to agree with @daniel_ream. My ex-wife was molested by her aunt's husband and she and her brother were emotional abused by their step-mother. At least no-child support involved.

Anonymous said...

Do not want to be a slave to child support payments and living in a cheap, crappy apartment so the woman leeches off me. No thanks.

TheTrophyOne said...

I stayed home from work today when my boss told me to because I wasn't feeling 100%.

So I binged on some Jerry Springer, Maury, and Cheaters in the first time in forever.

As a teen, I thought adult relationships were for real, no bs allowed situations to EVERYBODY.

Now that I'm older I can see that relationships are pretty much things common people do to face life and they don't mean squat. Studying those shows today really cemented that for me.

If you have been single for awhile, there's a very good chance you just keep it too real for most of humanity.